Used Agriculture Headers

Combine headers are a critical piece of equipment for harvesting and producing grains. When you're in the market for an economical way of improving the performance and efficiency of your agriculture operation, used combine headers from a reliable source often makes sound financial sense.

An Extensive Selection of Combine Harvester Headers

The front attachment on a self-propelled combine, headers make the first contact with the grain you are harvesting. A variety of different sizes and types of combine headers are designed to handle your chopping and non-chopping applications.

Whether you're working with corn, wheat, rice, oats, millet or a broad range of other crops, it's essential to find used headers configured to your machine and grain requirements. At Holt Ag Solutions, we carry used headers for sale for working with small gains, straw crops, multi-crops, corn, low to ground crops and to pick up windrow.

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LEXION COMBINE 12-30 GA12065 2013 1 $86,725 Details »
LEXION COMBINE 8-30 GA11805 2012 1 $53,375 Details »
LEXION COMBINE 8-36 GA12069 2013 1 $56,500 Details »
LEXION COMBINE G750 GA11807 2012 1 $28,500 Details »
LEXION COMBINE G750 GA12063 2013 1 $23,150 Details »
LEXION COMBINE G750 GA12062 2013 1 $23,000 Details »

The Benefits of Buying Used Combine Headers

If you want to remain competitive in agriculture and farming, it's critical to control costs while maximizing productivity. Used harvester headers from Holt Ag Solutions help you eliminate the significant capital expense of buying new while delivering a quality solution you can rely on to tackle your toughest tasks and environments.

We strive to be a reliable local source for pre-owned AG equipment and accessories. Purchasing new is the smart choice whether you're replacing an older machine, have applications that don't require the very latest technology or need to expand capabilities without compromising your budget. We offer:

  • Well-maintained units priced at an exceptional value
  • Flexible financing and purchasing options
  • Convenient locations to serve you throughout the region
  • Expert product knowledge and technical expertise
  • Customer service dedicated to your complete satisfaction

View our selection of used headers for sale and contact us online for more information.