Rogator C Series Sprayers

The Rogator C Series by Challenger is designed to deliver more precise application in less time, with less wear on the machine as well as on the operator. With the industry-exclusive LiquidLogic™ system to the sophisticated AWD SmartDrive™ system to the simple, intuitive AccuTerminal™ operational platform that controls all chassis and machine functions, the Rogator C Series of sprayers sets a new standard in precision application. 

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Models Standard Volume Liquid System GPM High Volume Liquid System GPM Engine HP @ 2100 RPM
RG900C 186 N/A 280
RG1100C 186 299 315
RG1300C 186 299 339

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Liquid System

The first thing Challenger reworked on the new C Series of sprayers is the liquid system. With what is called LiquidLogic™, Challenger set out to reduce crop damage by creating a liquid system that was more precise to make you more productive.

With the NozzleLogic™ system you can place spray where you want with less overlap and crop damage. NozzleLogic body valves provide precise on/off section spray control. And the whole system controls up to 36 boom sections for pinpoint accuracy.

The Rogator C Series by Challenger ensures that you can prime the pump without any waste.  Product begins to flow through the entire boom plumbing as soon as the product pump and recirculation is turned on. This saves you time and money while ensuring you apply product only where it needs to be.

These sprayers feature industry-exclusive FlowLogic™ system. This system circulates product through the boom, plumbing and filters constantly to help eliminate clogs and plugged tops. This design ensures that the Rogator C Series sprayers provide you with consistent, high-precision spay across the booms and field.

This FlowLogic system on the Rogator C Series of sprayers keeps product in motion and in suspension to dramatically reduce the amount of product trapped in the boom, minimizing contamination. This also ensures spray tips stay clear to maintain flow accuracy while reducing overall downtime. This feature is especially useful when dealing with pesky, resistant weeds that require more complex, potent product mixtures.

Also included on these Challenger sprayers is the industry’s first full-recovery system, ClearFlow™. ClearFlow pushes unused product in the plumbing back to the tank before a tank or boom rinse. Product will also go back into the tank to be re-agitated or off-loaded to minimize waste and contamination should a rainout occur. A rinse can also be done to ensure plumbing and booms are clean.

Dry System

The dry system on Challenger’s Rogator C Series of sprayers provides you with uniform, precision placement of product, reducing variability from plant to plant. This ensures crops aren’t overfed or starved – each plant is treated just right.

Two 30-foot sections on the Rogator C Series provide you with more accurate placement to optimize crop performance while using your fertilizer more efficiently. Fertilizer remains clean and dry with a factory-installed tarp while stainless steel end caps are designed not to crack or rust.

The AirMax 180 makes metering simple and reliable. Simply enter in product density and AirMax does the rest. You’ll get consistent, accurate product flow to the booms for even application thanks to the heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant chain.

The Rogator C Series with dry system features a 30-cubic foot bin that can be configured to deliver optimal crop nutrition using multiple products.

And you’ll know you are getting accurate distribution with these Rogator C series sprayers. Product is placed directly where it is needed by the booms without complicated adjustments for particle size or hardness. The Rogator C Series also ensures there is no major pattern shifting from the wind either – only the right distribution and rate for your crops.


The Rogator C Series of sprayers practically drive themselves with the AWD SmartDrive drive system. This system independently controls each wheel to maintain consistent torque and traction. All-wheel traction control comes standard in every machine to ensure you are always working and attending to your crops in a timely manner. When more power is needed, the tractor management system (TMS) will automatically ramp up the engine speed on these sprayers and ramp it right back down when conditions improve resulting in precise application, fuel efficiency and a less tired operator. You can also be freed up to focus on quality application while driving the Rogator C Series sprayers with the touch of a button. AccuCruise and shuttle speed controls work to achieve specific speed settings.

Challenger’s Rogator C sprayers are powered with efficient AGCO Power™ 7.4L or 8.4L engines. These engines are matched to a variable displacement hydraulic pump so that the engine doesn’t have to be run at maximum RPM to generate maximum hydraulic output. Any application system can be powered to maximum capacity at just 1,650 engine RPM. You can control wheel speed independently at each wheel to ensure faster, tight turns. This ensures less soil disruption and reduces crop damage. Rogator C Series sprayers feature enhanced hydrostatic braking to provide you with more controlled stopping.  This advanced anti-lock braking system (ABS) prevents skids and lock-ups.

Easy To Operate

Challenger designed the Rogator C Series of sprayers so they can be operated by any one, no matter their experience level.  Easy to learn and run, the Rogator C Series is built on a simple, intuitive operating platform that is as smart as your phone. Through the AccuTerminal you can control and monitor all chassis and machine functions. Auto-Track Adjust allows you to position wheels for different row spacing by choosing between two present widths or by using offset widths to minimize compaction.  These sprayers also come with a floating, ergonomic and adjustable armrest that puts the joystick, section switches, boom controls and liquid system controls at your fingertips.

The Rogator C Series sprayers also come with a new Bluetooth microphone  to help improve your focus and concentration while keeping you connected. These sprayers also come standard with a rear-view camera that can be set to come on automatically when you shift into reverse or when you are on a road. Finally, you can customize your lighting once and then control it with a single button using the lighting keypad.