Fendt 1100 Vario MT Series

In order to continue its unmatched success, Fendt has introduced its new track-type tractor with the 1100 Vario MT series. The Fendt 1100 Vario MT series of tractors are relentlessly dependable, are comfortable and have easy to operate cabs, and include a speed engine concept that is perfect for covering more acres while burning less fuel. These Fendt track tractors also include a Mobil-trac system that reduces compaction and increases track-to-ground contact at all times. These tough, reliable machines are ones you cannot pass up.

MODEL Constant Power at 1700 RPM  Rated Engine Speed Diesel Tank Capacity
1151 MT 511 HP 1730 RPM 350 gal.
1156 MT 564 HP 1730 RPM 350 gal.
1162 MT 618 HP 1730 RPM 350 gal.
1167 MT 673 HP 1730 RPM 350 gal.

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Ease Of Use

When it comes to the 1100 Vario MT series, Fendt knows that comfort and ease of use is a significant part of the operator’s experience. That is why they have implemented a pristine cab and terminal control so that configuring these machines is the least difficult part of the ride. The cab has an air-suspended seat, the easy-to-operate VarioTerminal, a multi-functional joystick, mechanical cab suspension and more. The operator can also quickly capture and wirelessly transfer data (seed quantity, fuel consumption, fertilizer applied, etc.) from the cab for analysis and documentation.


A key quality to a successful day in the field is to have a tractor with exceptional control. The impressive Fendt 1100 Vario MT series does just that and more. This Fendt series of track tractors includes the Mobil-trac system which has a lengthy 118 in. wheelbase, pivoting midwheels that keep the tracks in constant contact with the ground, increased pulling ability, better traction and a smoother ride all together. The design of a long wheelbase provides much more vehicle stability and balance while operating over difficult areas in the field. In addition, the polyurethane midwheels have high molecular weight wear rings that will improve track life and reduce heat.


Fendt prides itself on creating durable and reliable tractors, and the 1100 Vario MT series is nothing short of those important traits. The latest award-winning transmission innovation, the VarioDrive CVT Transmission, provides optimal coordination with the engine for peak performance and long-lasting productivity. And for reduced power consumption and better cooling capacity, Fendt has implemented an independent and hydraulically driven variable fan.