The dual-spinner Willmar S-150 pull-type spreader is designed specifically for orchard and turf use and fit the precision pattern needs of small applications. The dual spinner on this pull-type spreader delivers material in a 100-percent overlap, pyramid-type pattern that reduces spread pattern variations due to wind and rough terrain.

The spread pattern of the S-150 by two 25-foot spinners is 50 feet. Two 40-foot or optional 50-foot spinners deliver a total spread pattern of 80 or 100 feet. 

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S-150 Spreader At-A-Glance

Hopper Capacity Struck Hopper Capacity Heaped Maximum Gross Weight
49.6 cu. ft.  53.6 cu. ft. 7000 lbs. 


Corrosion Resistant

Built to last, the conveyor and ground-drive chains are made with stainless steel while the frames are made of channel steel with reinforcements. The hopper and skid are constructed from 12-guard stainless steel. The S-150 is finished with a high-performance, chemical-resistant, epoxy-based, rust-inhibiting primer and a super-tough, acrylic urethane combination for corrosion-resistance to help protect and extend the life of these spreaders, while a corrosion-resistant phenolic flooring helps to facilitate smooth material flow without buildup from under the conveyor chain, thus extending the conveyor chain lifecycle.

Consistent Conveyor Systems

The S-150 is equipment with a two-speed conveyor belt that provides an application rate of less than 100 lbs. per acre up to over 2,000 lbs. per acre. A consistent relationship is maintained between the ground speed and conveyor speed through the chain and sprocket conveyor ground drive system, ensuring precise application of materials, even in moist conditions. An incorporated slip clutch sprocket assembly helps prevent damage to drive components.

Equal Load Distribution

Bounce is reduced, stability improved, a smooth ride and consistent spray pattern are provided by the S-150 Spreader’s multi-leaf, spring suspension system that features rocker arms positioned on both sides of each axle. This suspension system also allows you to unhook from the spreader without the risk of tilting or tipping over.

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