Ideal for large farm operations and retail fertilizer plants, the S-600 & S-800 spreaders allows you to spend more time in the field and less time loading up. These Willmar Spreaders feature 6- (S-600) or 8-ton (S-800) capacities and an optional 8 HP engine for driving the spinner system. The S-600 is also available in a narrow track frame – the S-600NT.

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Models Hopper Capacity Struc Hopper Capacity Heaped Weight - Empty
S-600 192 cu. ft.  210 cu. ft.  3100 lbs. 
S-800 244 cu. ft.  264 cu. ft.  3400 lbs. 


Accurate Spread Pattern

The S-600 and S-800 spreaders from Willmar are available in single or dual spinner configurations. With a 65-foot total spread pattern width, the single spinner uses a single-pass, flat-type pattern to help reduce the number of passes needed across the field for a more economical operation.

You get to models to choose from with the dual-spinner. The 40-foot offers an 80-foot spread while the 50-foot offers a 100-foot spread. Both create a pyramid-style spread pattern with 100 percent overlap to reduce spread pattern variations due to wind and rough terrain.

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Like Willmar’s other spreaders, the s-600 and S-800 are designed with corrosion-resistant phenolic flooring. This ensures material moves smoothly while reducing build-up and extending the lifecycle of the conveyor chain. Overall protection on these spreaders is enhanced by a special powder painting process in which equipment is put through a quick cure oven after paint is applied, bonding the paint to the steel. This results in a high-quality, durable finish that protects and extends the life of the spreader.

Consistent Conveyor Systems

These Willmar spreaders come equipped with a two-speed conveyor belt. This belt provides an application rate of less than 100 lbs. per acre to over 2000 lbs. per acre. A consistent relationship is maintained between the ground speed and conveyor speed through a chain and sprocket conveyor ground drive system. This insures precise application of materials even in moist conditions. Damage to the drive components is prevented with an incorporated slip clutch sprocket assembly.

Equal Load Distribution

Stability is improved, bounced is reduced and smooth ride is provided along with a consistent spray pattern on the S-600 & S-800 spreaders thanks to a multi-leaf, spring suspension system that has rocker arms positioned on both sides of the axle. This suspension system also allows you to unhook from the spreader without any risk of tilting or tipping over.

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