Side- & Rear-Discharge Tenders

Willmar’s truck- or trailer-mounted 16- and 24-ton tenders feature two large capacity hoppers. These feed into one auger and carry nearly any single, dry-material product. These discharge tenders are ideal for commercial fertilizer dealers, custom applicators and large farming operations with their ability to load an applicator or planter at up to two tons per minute. Ladders are conveniently located to provide you access to the hoppers and feature improved sightline of the fill and flow status. Materials move quickly and efficiently thanks to steep 40-degree sloped sides.

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The 16-ton Sideshooter Willmar Tender features a 516 cubic foot struck and a 578 cubic foot heaped capacity. The 24-ton version weighs in with a struck capacity of 774 cubic feet and 867 cubic feet heaped.

Side-Discharge Tenders

Willmar’s side-discharge tenders can be truck or trailer mounted. These tenders can move up to two tons of material per minute while a large diameter 10-inch one-piece, adjustable swing away auger eliminates spillage thanks to an engaged spring-loaded back. The side-discharge tenders from Willmar feature separate controls for on/off horizontal and side discharge, as well as fold/unfold and raise/lower auger. These controls are located on the front left catwalk.

Rear-Discharge Tenders

Willmar’s rear-discharge tenders features a rate range of 2000 pounds of urea per minute up to 4000 pounds of potash per minute. Controls for Willmar’s rear-discharge tenders are located on the left rear corner of the tender and have separate controls for auger on/off and raise/lower operations. The hydraulic system is self-contained and is PTO driven and features a 10-gallon reservoir.

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