Hesston 1800 Series Small Square Balers by Massey Ferguson

With an exclusive in-line design, every small baler model within the Hesston 1800 series by Massey Ferguson is easier to handle, stack and feed. And with denser bales, these balers produce more consistent bale flakes and you lose less leaf material in the process. Ideal for Equine, Dairy and Export operations, we’re sure we can find a small baler to suite your needs.

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Models Bale Size (in) (HxW) Baler Weight (lbs) Plunger (Strokes/Minute) Number of Knotters Class
MF 1836 14 x 18 2700 92 2 1
MF 1838 14 x 18 3050 100 2 1
MF 1840 14 x 18 3500 100 2 1
MF 1842 16 x 18 4375 100 2 2
MF 1844N 16 x 22 7120 90 3 Heavy Duty Twine Tie 3
MF 1844S 15 x 22 7120 90 3 Heavy Duty Twine Tie 3

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With these Hesston small square balers by Massey Ferguson you won’t get any flimsy, banana-shaped bales that fall apart as soon as you pick them up. This is because these balers are designed to follow directly behind the tractor, resulting in dense, high quality hay bales.

The precompression chamber on these Hesston balers begins the baling process by building density before baling even begins. This reduces plunger load, requires lower horsepower and increases overall baling capacity. Revised spacing on a new packer fork increases feeder capacity for a wide range of crops and conditions.

Have large windrows or uneven crops? No problem. The 1800 series of small balers feature enhance pick-up cross augers which provide additional pick-up capacity. 


The Hesston 1800 series of small square balers were designs for people with a limited number of acres and high-volume producers alike. Bale flakes are pre-formed before going in to the bale chamber to ensure nutritious leaves are more evenly distributed through the bale. The short plunger on these small balers reduced overall wear on the baler to prolong component life and increase reliability.

A gauge on the 1800 series allows you to preset bale density. The ensures that bale density and weight remain constant bale to bale, even as hay moisture conditions change through the day.  And because field and road positions are one and the same, you will save time when you’re on the move with these small balers.