Hay Rakes

For your hay rake needs, Holt Ag Solutions offers you Pequea Hay Rakes. Pequea offers three types – Rotary & Tandem, Windrow and Carted rakes.

Rotary & Tandem

Pequea Rotary and Tandem Rotary Rakes feature clean sweep raking widths from 9' to 24', allowing you to get the most from your hay crop efficiently. Each Pequea Rotary Rake features a hydraulic lift system and adjustable height to ease fieldwork and maximize maneuverability. The adjustable front cylinder allows users to fine tune pitch and all Pequea Rotary Rakes feature removable tine arms. Pequea Tandem Rotary Rakes allow you to rake either two separate or one combined windrow to serve most bailing or chopping applications.


Pequea's wheel rakes provides higher capacity for quick raking without compromising hay quality. With the Windrow Pro™ you can rake up to 29' of hay into a single windrow. Pequea’s wheel rakes combine extensive standard features with impeccable quality, making the Windrow Pro one of the best values in the wheel rake market.


Pequea offers two lines of carted rakes: Turbo Rakes and Economy Rakes.

Pequea’s Turbo Rakes feature a high frame and wheel beam offering a low center of gravity. A high ground clearance ensures your hay doesn’t get caught up in the rake. All models feature an individual arm on each wheel, resulting in improved tine wear. The Pequea Turbo Rake is available in 8, 10, and 12 wheel models with raking widths ranging from 16 – 23 feet. Pequea’s Economy Rakes are built to get the job done on a budget, while delivering the same raking widths as the Turbo Rakes without the bells and whistles.