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For your hay rake needs, Holt Ag Solutions offers you Massey Ferguson and CLAAS Hay Rakes.

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Massey Ferguson ROTARY Hay Rakes

By gently sweeping the crop, rather than rolling it to the center as a wheel rake does, RK Series rotary rakes maximize leaf retention and crop quality while building fluffier, faster-drying windrows. The sweeping action also reduces the potential for rocks, dirt and debris in the windrow for a cleaner raking job. Ten or twelve, depending on the model, cam-action tine arms per rotor and a heavy-duty vinyl curtain provide easy adjustment of raking action and windrow width so you can build a high-quality windrow in every situation. The RK772 SD-TRC, RK662 SD-TRC and RK702 TR-SDX models even offer the choice of center- and right-side delivery (two swaths) or right-side only delivery (single swath).

Massey Ferguson 1500 Series VERTICAL FOLD WHEEL Hay Rakes

Available in three sizes, Massey Ferguson 1500 Series vertical fold wheel rakes are ideal for the producer who occasionally needs a rake for pulling two windrows together, turning damp windrows or windrowing hay that has been mowed, tedded or laid down in swaths. Choose between the 8-wheel 1508 model with raking widths up to 20 feet, the 10-wheel 1510 model with a maximum raking width of 22 feet or the 12-wheel 1512 model with raking widths to 24 feet.

Massey Ferguson 5130 HEAVY DUTY WHEEL Hay Rakes

There’s a reason we call the Massey Ferguson 5130 a heavy-duty rake.  Take one look at the rugged frame and sturdy rake wheels, and you’ll know this machine was designed for commercial operators who need to satisfy  the appetite of big balers and self-propelled forage harvesters. What’s more,  every function of the 5130 heavy-duty rake is controlled via a bank of electro-hydraulic valves operated by a cab-mounted control box. 

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