Challenger MT700 Series Track Tractors

Challenger has re-thought, re-engineered and re-invented it’s MT700 Series of track tractors so that it is the world’s most technologically advanced. The new MT700 series is designed and built on Challenger’s revolutionary AccuEngineering™ platform. With this kind of technology built into it, these track tractors deliver superior performance, increased power, exceptional comfort and enhanced onboard intelligence, resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability you’ve never seen before.

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Models Engine ISO Engine @ 1700 Max. & Rated RPM HP PTO Power (HP SEA) @ rated 1700 RPM HP Max. Speed MPH
MT738 AGCO Power™ 9.8L Tier 4 Final 7-cylinder Diesel Engine 380 285 5
MT740 AGCO Power™ 9.8L Tier 4 Final 7-cylinder Diesel Engine 405 310 25
MT743 AGCO Power™ 9.8L Tier 4 Final 7-cylinder Diesel Engine 431 335 25

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Powerful Performance

The all new MT700 Series of Track Tractors by Challenger was designed so that the engine, transmission, fan and hydraulics work together at their highest capacity at low engine speeds to ensure you get unsurpassed performance and efficiency all year long.

The powerful AccuDrive™ powertrain on these Challenger Track Tractors maximizes engine torque at slow speeds to create efficiencies throughout the driveline so that you can pull the heaviest implements in the toughest conditions, making you more efficient than ever  before while saving you wear and tear on the machine and reducing fuel costs.

The highly efficient AGCO Power™ 7-cylinder engine included on the MT700 series is perfect for heavy work with a high-torque, low-engine-speed concept that delivers 1400 ft/lbs. of torque at 1275 RPM.

The Accu-VT™ Transmission on these tractors is designed to provide optimal coordination with the engine to deliver peak performance and productivity across multiple applications. In field operations the torque is flexibly transferred for tremendous pulling power.   And with the continuously variable operation, you can get 65 feet-per-hour to 25 MPH in one range without any intervention by the operator.

Challenger wanted to ensure that with the MT700 series of track tractors that you could efficiently operation a number of implements by taking advantage of multiple hydraulic options. On these tractors you get full flow delivered at 1700 RPM with perfect oil pressure and oil flow to the implement no matter the GPM you choose.

The new MT700 series also features a new high-performance fan. Located in the front of the cooler, the Concentric Air System (CAS) sucks in cold, dense air, accelerating it over the concentrically formed hood to then pressing it through the radiator. With its own hydrostatic drive, the CAS can deliver ideal cooling power to each component based on need that is independent of engine speed. Ground residue won’t accumulate at the grille thanks to the optional reversing fan function.

Easy to Use

The MT700 series features color-coordinated functional control for easy operation and all operating tasks and functions are at your fingertips, including the Advantage joystick, PTO controls and hydraulic fingertip valves to you save time while minimizing distraction and fatigue issues.


While no one wants to work 12-hour days, but sometimes they are necessary. Challenger’s MT700 series makes the long days go by quicker with a roomy, easy-to-enter cab that features more than a 100 cubic feet of space. It also features the bells and whistles operator’s desire.

To ensure the long days aren’t so rough, the MT700 series includes Challenger’s MTS MaxxRide™ integrated comfort system. MaxxRide is designed to provide optimal comfort and increased control of these track tractors whether you are in the field or on the road. This system suspends the hardbar from the tractor chassis with dual coil springs and of-road style heavy-duty shock absorbers. This results in increased oscillation of the hardbar and allows either of the idlers to travel  7 inches upwards and 3 inches downward. The undercarriages on each side move up and down independently from the chassis so that each side travels smoothly with minimized compaction.

Challenger also enhanced its legendary Mobil-Trac™ system with a longer wheelbase of 101 inches on the redesigned MT700 series.  This longer wheelbase along with the five-axle design, improves vehicle balance and distributes weight over a greater area to reduce deep compaction known for resisting plant root growth. The system also bridges terraces and crested surfaces for unmatched traction and ride quality while its unique tri-bogie mid-wheels  ensures that the MT700 series tractors remain in constant contact with the ground for better traction, more pulling ability, greater fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.

Cab suspension provides a significant comfort advantage for the operator on the MT700 Series with two rugged coil-over shock absorbers that greatly reduce ground vibrations that are usually transmitted by the rear-axle. A full 4 inches of travel at the rear of the cab is allowed by this innovative suspension with  standard or quad-track systems, absorbing and dissipating jarring ground vibrations.

The MT700 series of track tractors includes BlueTooth® technology as well as five USB smart-charge ports. The Factory-fitted, Bluetooth-compatible, heavy-duty radio can be controlled from the steering wheel for easy, distraction-free changes.

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