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An agriculture spreader is a piece of equipment used to spread dry fertilizer evenly and efficiently across a field. A quality ag spreader can increase your farm operation's profit margins by reducing the amount of labor it takes to fertilize your field and spreading the fertilizer so it's all used effectively.

Ag spreaders and tenders come in many forms. You can find small towed hoppers, high-capacity spreaders and side or rear-discharge tenders to suit the size of your farm and your budget. Though you can buy these spreaders new or used, purchasing a new spreader comes with unique benefits, such as the latest features and the possibility for a longer life span when properly maintained.

If you're looking for new ag spreaders for sale in Northern California or Oregon, Holt Ag Solutions can help you find the machinery you need.

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Willmar Spreaders At A Glance

Model Narrow Track Model Hopper Capacity Struck (cu. ft.) Hopper Capacity Heaped (cu. ft.)
S-150 N/A 49.6 53.6
S-500 S-500NT 152 167
S-600 S-600NT 192 210
S-800 N/A 244 264
16-ton Side-Discharge N/A 516 570
24-ton Side-Discharge N/A 774 885
Rear-Discharge N/A 500 5600

A Range of High-Performance Agriculture Spreaders

For your dry fertilizer spreader needs, Holt Ag Solutions offers Willmar. The Willmar brand has been setting the benchmark for dry fertilizer spreaders and tenders for almost 50 years and has been enhanced by the durable and dependable Wrangler articulated loader.

Holt Ag Solutions sells a wide range of Willmar fertilizer spreaders, including side-discharge tenders, rear-discharge tenders and several compact and narrow-track models suitable for use in orchards and smaller farms, so you can find a piece of equipment that meets your needs. These ruggedly built ag spreaders can provide you with years of reliable service when given proper maintenance and care.

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Ag dry fertilizer spreaders can help both small and large agriculture businesses streamline operations and increase crop yields. At Holt Ag Solutions, we have agriculture spreaders for sale in multiple Northern California and Oregon locations, including Modesto, Merced and Woodland.

In addition to offering high-quality farm spreaders, we can also help customers by providing:

  • Parts and servicing for all your farm machinery, regardless of manufacturer
  • Flexible financing options to help you get the equipment you need
  • Information and support from our friendly and knowledgeable agriculture division staff

Browse our range of ag spreaders online and get in touch with us today to learn more about how we could assist your farm business.

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