The CLAAS LEXION 8000-7000 Combine Series is engineered with your efficiency in mind. These machines are capable of handling more work in a shorter amount of time and are built for optimal reliability. This series is also dedicated to better overall machine precision and convenience without sacrificing quality of work. Regardless of how many acres you may have, the LEXION can handle it.

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Model AEM Class
Drum Width (in.)
Drum Diameter (in)
Feed Impeller Diameter (in) Rotors Rotor Length (ft) Rotor Diameter (in) Grain Tank Capacity (bu)
8800/8800 TERRA TRAC 10 67 30 24 2 13.75 17.5 510/425
8700/8700 TERRA TRAC 9 67 30 24 2 13.75 17.5 510/425
8600/8600 TERRA TRAC 8 67 30 24 2 13.75 17.5 510/425
7500/7500 TERRA TRAC 7 56 30 24 2 13.75 17.5 385/355
7400/7400 TERRA TRAC 6 56 30 24 2 13.75 17.5 385/355


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With the expanded capacity of the APS Synflow Hybrid system, this class of LEXION combines are more efficient than ever before. This system allows you to get up to 10 percent more throughput than your standard combine model. Additionally, these combines include a larger grain tank and quicker unloading speeds, making it that much easier to cut through acres at a faster rate. With all these great attributes, these combines still have outstanding fuel efficiency because of their design and dynamic power.


All farmers know that their machines need precision and accuracy while operating in the field. That’s why LEXION  has implemented the Cemos Automatic combine automation system. This system makes autonomous and real time in-field adjustments with more precision and speed than a seasoned operator. In addition to this, LEXION has implemented more on-the-fly adjustment capabilities as well as more in-cab controls for better operation.


CLAAS knows that when it’s time to use your equipment, it needs to be ready to go. That’s why CLAAS has put this LEXION combine series through more durability testing than ever before. And to decrease daily maintenance on these machines, this LEXION series has an automatic central lubrication system along with its Dynamic Cooling feature. Overall, these machines will give you more quality operation time and less service time.

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