Massey Ferguson 2200 Series

Massey Ferguson's 200 series of Large Square Balers build upon the advances ofthe popular 2100 series, taking the technology even further to produce the most reliable, productive balers ever built. With the 2200 series of Large Square Balers, you can expect dense, square-shouldered bales every time, no mater what crop or how heavy the windrow. The 2200 series features include: 

  • An increased flywheel weight delivers greater plunger inertia and greater capacity. 
  • Higher gearbox speeds on all models translates into higher capacity and better performance. 
  • A lower profile, four-bar pickup retains more nutrient-rich leaves
  • A solid windguard provides better crop control in all wind conditions and helps to compress the crop mat before it enters the pre-compression chamber. 
  • The upper and lower centering augers feed crop material into the pre-compression chamber for faster baling without sacrificing the Hesston reputation for solid, square-shouldered bales. Cutter balers feature a full length top auger to help force crop into the rotor.