CLAAS JAGUAR Forage Harvesters

Available to our Oregon territory customers, Holt AG Solutions is your dealer for CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters. Since these choppers introduction, people have been impressed by these machines outstanding performance and low fuel consumption, making the JAGUAR series one of the most popular forage harvesters throughout the world.

980 D2862 MAN V12 884
970 D2862 MAN V12 880
960 OM 473 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 626
950 OM 473 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 585
940 OM 471 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 516
930 OM 471 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 462
880 OM 473 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 626
860 OM 471 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 516
850 OM 471 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 462
840 OM 470 LA Mercedes-Benz Inline 6 408

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Drive System

The JAGUAR power flow is one of the most effective and efficient designs in the industry today. The chopping mechanism is driven directly from the engine's crankshaft from a long, maintenance-free powerband. In addition, the operator can easily adjust the chop to any desired length from the comfort of the cab while the machine is under full operation, thanks to the Comfort Cut precompression roller drive innovation.

New and improved systems such as Auto Fill, Dynamic Steering, and the Cemos Auto Performance automatically control the machine and optimize its processes while under operation. In order to harvest as efficiently as possible, the driver only needs to activate these systems and simply let them run automatically.

Furthermore, the DYNAMIC POWER PRO (900 Series, 880, 860) has automatic adjustment of engine output to the field conditions. This ensures machine operation in the most efficient engine speed range for up to 10.6% fuel savings.

Comfort & Convenience

In order to increase operator convenience, CLAAS has implemented a user-friendly structure of the control system which assures that you can manage the JAGUAR confidently and simply in all types of operations. In addition, the new CEBIS with 12” touchscreen puts everything at the operator’s fingertips and includes every conceivable detail that CLAAS can offer. A newer screen design similar to the classic CEBIS still makes it easy to operate and function, and the new operator console and armrest are designed to increase the comfort and convenience of the operator.