CLAAS QUADRANT Large Square Hay Balers

The CLAAS QUADRANT 5300 Square Balers are some of the top balers in the industry to this day. CLAAS has introduced some of the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry into their balers, including its razor sharp 51 knives that achieves 36,000 chops per minute, extremely accurate bale weight capacity ranging from 500 - 2,760 lbs., and its high-performance single knotter with eccentric needle control. This top of the line square baler provides maximum convenience for its operator with optimal baling pressure, unsurpassed bale quality and maximum operator comfort.

Model Pick-up Width (m) # of Knives Knife Group Selection RAM Strokes Bale Chamber Dimensions (length x width x height)
5300 Fine Cut 92.5 51 51, 26, 25, 13, 12, 0 46 152 x 47 x 35
5300 Roto Cut 92.5 25 25, 13, 12, 6, 0 46 152 x 47 x 35
5300 Roto Feed 92.5 - - 46 152 x 47 x 35

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Controlled Pick-up

The view of the pick-up from the cab is excellent, allowing the baler to move over the field quickly and smoothly. You can easily adjust the driving and baling speed to suit the harvesting conditions. The result is optimum throughput and efficiency.

Thanks to the wide pick-up, the QUADRANT 5300 can cope with very wide, irregular swaths, with no loss of valuable crop material:

  • Rapid and clean intake of harvested crop via controlled pickup
  • Shock absorption via hydraulic accumulator suspension
  • Caster guide wheels for optimal ground contour following and preservation of grass cover, including at high speeds and when turning
  • Patented double roller crop press for accelerating the crop flow in all QUADRANT models
  • Short distance between the pick-up and rotor or feed rake for rapid transfer of the crop and high throughput

Roto Feed/Power Feeding System

The four rows of tines, ideally spaced for thorough raking, guarantee superior results in the field. The twin spring steel tines are bolted firmly to four rugged U-shaped tine arms to withstand continuous and extreme loading and provide easy servicing. The crop is funneled to the appropriate width for entering the baling chamber via the stub augers on either side of the wide pick-up mechanism (ROTO FEED) on QUADRANT 3300 or via the continuous POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS) rollers on QUADRANT 5300. This produces firm bales that are highly compacted at the edges for excellent stability during transportation and storage.

Hydraulic Feeder Unit

For the QUADRANT 5300, CLAAS offers a hydraulically operated feed system. The rear roller crop press, the POWER FEEDING SYSTEM (PFS), and the pick-up are hydraulically operated, with adjustable and reversible speeds. The hydraulic drive enables the driver to adjust and optimize the crop flow according to the conditions.

The benefits of a hydraulic feed system are clear to see:

  • Individual adjustment to crop and field conditions for greater forage protection
  • Greater adaptability to field conditions
  • Optimized crop flow
  • Reverse control from the cab, for maximum user-friendliness

Maximizing the feed rate for an optimum crop flow is the priority for most harvest crops, but for alfalfa, ultra-gentle handling is paramount. The hydraulic feed system therefore enables the driver to take this into account and directly enhance the feed crop quality.