CLAAS Lexion 6000 Series Content

The CLAAS LEXION 6000 Series straw walker combine keeps things simple and easy while providing exceptional qualities and capabilities for your operation. With greater overall throughput and drive precision like never before, this series of combines can handle tough crop operations with ease.

Model Rated Power (HP) Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Grain Tank Capacity (bu) Road Transport Speed (mph)
LEXION 6800 402 250 385 25
LEXION 6900 466 250 385 25

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This series of CLAAS LEXION Straw Walker combines are more efficient than ever. These straw walker combines have an increased capacity, so you’ll get up to 25 percent more throughput. The straight crop flow of this series efficiently threshes without damaging your straw in the process. The straight-line drive concept provides more power transfer than gear-driven systems, provides low maintenance costs, and it uses up to 30 percent less fuel than other combines on the market today.


The LEXION 6000 Series is engineered with the Cemos Automatic combine automation system that makes autonomous, real-time in-field adjustments with more precision and speed than a seasoned operator. These machines have also been engineered with more in-cab controls and levers to manage how precise you need to be for a project. The machine performance feedback system will gather all the important information and data from your operations as well.


When it comes to convenience and ease-of-use, this series of tractors is nearly unmatched on the market. Daily maintenance time is decreased with these machines because of its central lubrication system and Dynamic Cooling implement. The Generation III Terra Trac drive system provides unmatched stability and ride comfort for all harvesting conditions. Along with its exceptional road speed and in-cab conversion capabilities, the LEXION 6000 Series is ready for your operation.