Fendt 900 Vario MT Series

Fendt has introduced a new track-type tractor with its 900 Vario MT series. The Fendt 900 Vario MT series of tractors provide reliability, comfort and top of the line performance all while managing risk and minimizing downtime. The cab controls in this track tractor series are easy to use and create a new perspective from the cab. The 900 Vario MT series is not one to be missed.

MODEL Constant Power at 1700 RPM Max. Speed Diesel Tank Capacity
938 MT 380 25 MPH 180 gal.
940 MT 405 25 MPH 180 gal.
943 MT 431 25 MPH 180 gal.

See full specifications here. 

Ease of Use

A tractor operator could not ask for more when it comes to the spacious and easy-to-function cab of this 900 Vario MT series of track tractors. The multi-function joystick can operate up to ten different ISOBUS functions along with additional assistance with hydraulic assignments, speed-memory buttons and cruise control. The VarioTerminal display screen is very clear, simple, and is capable of split-screen view for multitasking purposes. These Fendt tractors also include the Fendt Guide attribute which actively steers the machine for less overlapping and more precision.


Fendt knows that power is important. This is why Fendt has implemented an engine system that you can rely on for performance and maximum efficiency in the 900 Vario MT series of track tractors. The engines in this series compared to most competitor models have superior torque curve with greater torque rise over a wider range of RPMs. The lugging ability is exceptional and there is no need to downshift when the field gets rougher. The engine response is also consistently quick and powerful due to Fendt’s twin turbocharger and eWastegate systems.


The Fendt 900 Vario MT series of track tractors can handle any implement you need. These machines are built with a hydraulic system specifically installed for the implement it powers. For operations that require high-capacity hydraulics, the 900 Vario MT series of tractors have a unique two-pump, load sensing hydraulic system to control the delivery rate. This system also has each pump delivering only the correct amount of oil as needed, all at a reduced RPM, for optimal efficiency. The overall productivity and effectiveness of this tractor series will allow you to complete more jobs in less time.