Fendt 800 Vario High Horsepower Tractor

When it comes to farming, your tractor is one of the most important tools when you're running a large-scale farming operation. So don't settle for anything less than a Fendt high horsepower tractor. The Fendt 800 S4 Series of tractors are low-weight, high-performance, commanding machines that will take farming to the next level. This high horsepower tractor provides excellent flexibility to maneuver within your operation with ease. These machines are more than powerful in the field and are superior for transport operations.

Model Rated HP
822 220
824 240
826 260
828 280

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The Fendt 800 Series has more front/rear connections for use in essentially all applications with this tractor. Powering all that versatility is a quiet six-cylinder engine that delivers high-torque performance while using less fuel and putting less wear and tear on its components. Furthermore, this high horsepower tractor includes a highly efficient CVT so you can effortlessly increase or decrease speeds ranging from 60 ft. per hour to 31 mph.


In order to take steering precision and driving stability to completely new levels, Fendt introduces optional Fendt Stability Control (FSC). FSC locks the front axle suspension cylinders and dampens side-to-side movement at speeds above 12.4 mph. This ensures maximum stability during transport operations. If speeds are below the FSC threshold, it will automatically disengage to guarantee maximum ground contact with all four tires of the tractor.

Contour Assistant

You can now use Fendt Contour Assistant with the Fendt 8000 series of tractors that include the Varioterminal 10.4 and VarioGuide system with NovAtel® or Trimble® receivers. Your farm work will be even more efficient with the new Contour Segments and Single Track features added to the familiar VarioGuide wayline types. With Contour Segments, you can quickly record the various segments of the field with just one round-trip. With Single Track capabilities, you can drive along the entire tramline length to record it almost as an infinite contour line.

Fendt Gold Star Care

When you purchase a Fendt Tractor, you get more than technologically-savvy tractor. You also get all the valuable support services available through the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care plan. The Fendt Gold Star Customer Care plan helps keep your cost of ownership under control. As your Fendt dealer, Holt Ag Solutions will take care of all your regular servicing and maintenance needs while also carrying out any required repairs.