The Kubota M5660SU utility tractor is everything you are looking for when it comes to power, comfort and ease of use. The 56-horsepower engine with Electronic CRS Common Rail direct fuel injection provides better fuel economy all around. Newly enhanced features have increased the simplicity of operation of these Kubota tractors with the addition of the hydraulic shuttle and single-lever forward and reverse shifting. Comfort is unmatched with ergonomically designed controls and a seat with excellent lumbar support.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M5660SU 56 17.7 3,307 4,189

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The Kubota M5660SU tractor has the power and performance to get all your field work done, all while reducing emissions. The robust transmission of this utility tractor provides 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds, along with a very quick response time to your input whether you need to go forward or backward in a hurry. The hydraulic shuttle provides smooth and effortless shifting capabilities all with one single lever for your convenience. The Common Rail direct fuel injection combines with the Diesel Particulate Filter to provide better fuel economy.


The Kubota M5660SU can handle any type of work in the field due to its versatility and overall usefulness. You can easily utilize the 3-point hitch on this Kubota tractor for any rear-mounted implements for simple attachment. The hitch provides exceptional lifting capabilities with a maximum lift capacity of up to 3,307 lbs. at 24 inches behind the lift point. The live-independent hydraulic PTO is self-modulating and ensures smooth stops while maintaining PTO shaft speed. In addition, the bevel-gear front axle provides excellent maneuverability with a turning radius of 55-degrees to give you more movement in the narrowest of spaces.


One of Kubota’s main focuses is to have next level operator comfortability because no operator wants to be uncomfortable or experience pain while working in the field. The high-back bucket seat on this tractor is essential to operator comfort as it ultimately helps ease stress on the lumbar spine and absorbs shock well. The new dash panel has been redesigned with an LCD display that includes all the information you need to work efficiently in the field. The easy-to-read gauges and indicators include a parking indicator, fault code indicators and the fuel consumption meter. Lastly, the joystick control is easy to reach and allows you to have complete control of the loader’s speed and movement.