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In California, the right farm equipment is essential to staying profitable. Investing in a high quality ag tractor means lower operating costs and greater productivity down the line. For many businesses, however, the steep initial cost of this investment forces them to settle for a low quality machine that won’t deliver the same returns. Browse through our equipment below and contact us for more about our used ag tractors. 

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JOHN DEERE 4960 1992 11,120 $47,900 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON 5611 2015 3,480 $85,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON 5711 2018 2,167 $65,500 Details »
JOHN DEERE 6120E 2016 1,239 $73,000 Details »
JOHN DEERE 6130M 2017 2,224 $72,500 Details »
JOHN DEERE 8370R 2020 2,621 $341,500 Details »
JOHN DEERE 8R370 2022 285 $453,000 Details »
JOHN DEERE 9560R 2012 5,107 $199,998 Details »
FENDT FT1038S4 2018 2,240 $318,230 Details »
FENDT FT1042G2 2021 2,900 $364,750 Details »
FENDT FT1042G2 2021 3,133 $343,000 Details »
FENDT FT1042G2 2021 2,804 $364,750 Details »
FENDT FT1042S4 2018 5,927 $244,000 Details »
FENDT FT1050G2 2020 2,868 $400,000 Details »
FENDT FT1050G2 2021 2,798 $382,500 Details »
FENDT FT1050S4 2018 4,698 $299,000 Details »
FENDT FT720G6 2024 28 $295,000 Details »
KUBOTA TRACTOR CORPORATION M108S 2017 3,280 $29,500 Details »
KUBOTA TRACTOR CORPORATION M6S-111DTC 2020 839 $60,000 Details »
CASE/INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER MAGNUM 290 2013 7,145 $75,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF4709LPG 2017 590 $45,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF4710LPS 2020 196 $55,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF6713LPG 2016 1,268 $35,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF6713LPG 2016 1,009 $38,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF6713LPG 2017 735 $45,000 Details »
MASSEY FERGUSON MF7622 2014 2,629 $96,000 Details »
CHALLENGER MT655B 2006 3,798 $59,000 Details »
CHALLENGER MT675E 2014 2,477 $168,750 Details »
CHALLENGER MT755B 2007 15,557 $43,750 Details »
CHALLENGER MT765E 2015 3,556 $182,500 Details »
CHALLENGER MT765E 2016 2,231 $210,000 Details »
CHALLENGER MT835B 2006 9,279 $93,750 Details »
CHALLENGER MT845E 2019 2,653 $345,000 Details »
CHALLENGER MT875E 2018 3,314 $271,525 Details »
CHALLENGER MT875E 2019 2,398 $340,000 Details »
NEW HOLLAND LTD. T4.100F 2018 1,005 $33,500 Details »
NEW HOLLAND LTD. WM120 2020 569 $47,500 Details »

Buying used is an excellent way to avoid this dilemma. When properly maintained and serviced, a used tractor by Challenger or another reliable brand can provide all the benefits of buying new at a fraction of the cost.

Holt Ag Solutions offers one of the best selections of used agricultural tractors for sale in California. Our inventory often includes machines from Challenger, Massey Ferguson and other leading manufacturers. All tractors are fully inspected by our team of skilled technicians. Many low-hour units are also available. When you buy a used ag tractor from us, you’re getting a machine that will provide exceptional value and performance for years to come.

Used Ag Tractor Buyer’s Guide

There are multiple benefits to buying used equipment beyond the low initial purchase price. While most tractors depreciate sharply in the first two years after being purchased, prices tend to stabilize as long as the unit is well-maintained. As a result, most equipment bought used will command a good resale value should you ever decide to sell.

When it comes to tractors, hours alone don’t tell the whole story. Instead, look for equipment that fits your needs, runs well and has a documented service history. Many of our used tractors qualify for extended warranty coverage — contact a sales representative today for more information.

Our Used Tractor Inventory

We have diverse used tractor options to help you find the right equipment for your operations. Whatever tasks you need to handle with your tractor, we offer several brands with compact, utility and other models to fit your requirements, including:

  • Used Kubota tractors for sale. Our used Kubota tractors deliver functionality and reliability for every job from a manufacturer trusted worldwide.
  • Used John Deere tractors for sale. Whether you're tackling landscaping, snow removal, or specialty crop management, John Deere equipment can handle your requirements.
  • Used Massey Ferguson tractors for sale. With our used Massey Ferguson tractors, you get efficient design and outstanding performance for every job.
  • Used Challenger tractors for sale. Our used Challenger tractor inventory offers adaptable and powerful equipment to handle demanding tasks.

Why Holt Ag Solutions

When shopping for a used ag tractor, where you buy is almost as important as what you buy. Holt Ag Solutions has largest large inventory of used Challenger tractors for sale in California. We back up everything we sell with exceptional service that goes the extra mile for our clients, whether it’s by providing emergency repairs or helping you integrate a cost-saving fleet management solution.

Holt Ag Solutions has been a valued partner to agribusiness in Stanislaus, Merced, and San Joaquin counties. Visit us today and discover why we’re the best source of used farm tractors for sale California.

Find Used Tractors for Sale at Holt Ag Solutions

If you're looking for a trusted equipment supplier to equip you for agricultural work in California or Oregon, consider Holt Ag Solutions. We strive to get you what you need and make the process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. To learn more, take a look at what we have to offer or reach out to us today.

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