11 December 2017

Kubota M Series Low Profile Tractors

The Kubota M Series of low profile tractors provide you with full-size features and capabilities of their other tractors but in a design suited for fruit and nut orchard applications. And yet, the M Series Low Profile is versatile enough that is has also been used in poultry operations and anywhere else low clearance operation is required. The Kubota M series low profile tractor is the leader in the low profile specialty market having been built to withstand the toughest orchard conditions and come ready for a front-end loader straight from the factory.



PTO HP @ Rated RPM

M5L 100 89
M6L 114 95

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Powered by a proven and reliable V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine, Kubota M Series Low Profile tractors have several features that make them ideal for orchard work, protecting the crop, the operator and the tractor all at the same time.

Standard on the M5L tractor is a right hand operator guard. This guard keeps low hanging branches from coming in contact with the operator and critical controls like the main gear shift levers, throttle, rear remotes or 3-point control.

The hood on these low profile, orchard tractors gently deflect and avoid branches with a sloped, low design crafted out of steel. This also increases your visibility in front of the tractor.

Competitive manufacturers use lighter plastic and fiberglass fenders to protect orchard trees. Kubota, on the other hand, continues uses heavy-duty, wide steel fenders designed to last the life of the these low profile tractors, yet can still gently deflect tree branches.

Massey Ferguson 1500 Series

Massey Ferguson has brought back the MF1526 compact tractor – this time with the power of a mid-range PTO. Designed with landowners and hobby farmers in mind, the MF1526 offers versatility, ease of use and comfort in a safe, compact package.

A true workhorse, the MF1526 is ideal for loader work, mowing and snowblowing AND has the ability to handle box blade work, tilling, post hole digging and more.


Gross Engine HP @ RPM

@ 2200 RPM 

Lift Capacity 
@ 24" Behind Lbs

Shipping Weight 
Platform Lbs

MF1526 24.8 20.1 992 1873

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The compact MF1526 tractor includes a three-range hydrostatic transmission with intuitive operation to allow for faster range-gear selection. The uncluttered platform features separate forward and reverse foot pedals to provide you with precise speed and directional control while the brake pedal was moved to the left side to ensure quicker use of the steering brake so you can work more efficiently.

Both drives can be controlled either simultaneously or independently with the rear and mid PTO levers. Push-button controls allow you to engage or disengage both on the go without clutching or reaching for levers.

The MF1526 features a larger frame than other models in the compact tractor category to provide you with more stability while it’s actual weight provides you with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Optional on the MF1526 is a L100E quick attach loader which makes for easy and quick bucket changes.

Ease of Use

With the MF1526 compact tractor, your hard work just got a little easier. The straightforward design of the instrument panel provides you with a quick read of all tractor functions while a simple release hood latch ensures preventative maintenance, such as checking filters and fluids, is easy.

Safety & Comfort

Massey Ferguson understands that the more comfortable you are on a tractor, the more productive you can be. That’s why the MF1526 was design with your comfort in mind, as well as your safety.

Side-by-side control pedals were positioned so that you sit in a more natural position during directional changes, while the semi-flat platform provides more legroom and makes for easier entering and exiting. A rubber floor mat helps to reduce operator fatigue, vibration and noise.

A seat-mounted, retractable seatbelt not only provides for operator safety, it also enhances operator comfort while a light combination switch makes using the headlights and turn signals effortless.

Challenger 1000 Series

350-450 PTO HP

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