When you’re applying nutrients or chemicals to thousands of acres in unpredictable weather and a short window of opportunity, you need to make every minute count. The RoGator is easy to run, has superior power, reliability and smart technology that turns brawn into brains. RoGator Sprayers are designed specifically to apply fertilizer, protective farm chemicals and nutrients to a wide variety of crops, crop heights and field conditions.

Powered by the Tier 4i AGCO Power engine with exclusive e3 technology, RoGator Sprayers go the distance with more power and a proven drive system. The horsepower provided by this engine matches payload capacity to ensure more consistent road and field speeds with greater fuel efficiency. Multiple speed ranges allow you to match your speed to the field conditions, giving you quicker acceleration and better power management for a more consistent spraying speed.

The exclusive e3 technology is a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process that treats downstream exhaust with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to break it down into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. It is the best platform for meeting EPA standards without compromising horsepower and torque.

RoGators are equipped with a professional liquid system featuring stainless steel product tanks, easy-to-use reload stations and a conveniently located rinse station. The self-cleaning design eliminates the need for daily maintenance. These sprayers feature wheel spacing from 120 to 152 inches and a 50-inch crop clearance. The bolted “C” channel flex-frame ensures that all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground – even in the toughest of field conditions.