Massey Ferguson 6S

Offering four models to choose from, the Massey Ferguson® 6S Series tractors are the best choice for a varying range of conditions.

With power and traction, plus agility and maneuverability, you can tackle anything from field work to transport, loading and yard operations.

The MF 6S Series tractors are powerful workhorses, designed to meet the demands of all types of users, from contractors, to crop farmers, to large livestock operations.

Model Max Engine Power HP Engine Transmisson Max Torque (Ft/LBS) Lift Capacity (LBS)
MF 6S.145 145
AGCO Power 4 cylinder, 4.9 Litre
Dyna-VT, Dyna-6 516 21,164
MF 6S.155 155
AGCO Power 4 cylinder, 4.9 Litre
Dyna-VT, Dyna-6 553 21,164
MF 6S.165 165
AGCO Power 4 cylinder, 4.9 Litre
Dyna-VT, Dyna-6 590 21,164
MF 6S.180 175
AGCO Power 4 cylinder, 4.9 Litre
Dyna-VT, Dyna-6 620 21,164

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The versatile MF 6S Series is specifically designed to deliver the high performance needed to excel in a wide range of applications — with the power and traction for field work, combined with the maneuverability and agility for transport, loading and yard operations. Powerful workhorses, these machines are perfectly specified to suit all users — from contractors and arable farms to large livestock operations.


The new MF 6S Series teamed up with the most advanced engine SCR technology on the market, the undisputed sustainable leader in heavy-duty farming operations, delivering class-leading power and torque, with best-in-class total cost of ownership. The most powerful 4-cylinder tractor on the market.

Smart Farming

The New MF 6S Series range has taken Smart Farming and connectivity to new heights with real-time information and remote service, the intuitive Datatronic 5 interface, and the Fieldstar 5 terminal to control features such as: MF Guide, MF Section and Rate Control as well as data transfer and management through MF TaskDoc and TaskDoc Pro.