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Combine harvesters are some of the most time-saving pieces of equipment available for agriculture operations. These machines combine the processes of harvesting, threshing and cleaning grain to greatly reduce the amount of labor needed to take a crop from field to market. Originally drawn by horses, new combines for sale today feature powerful engines and the latest technology to help farmers harvest all sorts of grain crops, including wheat, corn, rice, oats, soybeans and barley.

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Whether you run a modest farm or a large-scale agricultural operation, combines make work more productive and more profitable. If you're looking to buy a new combine for your business in California or Oregon, Holt Ag Solutions can help you find the machine that's best for you.

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Benefits of Buying Combine Harvesters New

Though it's possible to buy corn and rice combines used from other agriculture workers, many farmers find it more cost-effective to buy new equipment. Combines are always getting new technology upgrades to make them easier to use and more efficient. When you buy a new combine, you'll get access to this technology and have control over how the equipment is maintained from day one, which can help it last longer.

Buying a new combine harvester also minimizes the likelihood of equipment breakdown during critical harvesting periods, so it's worth considering if you have room in your budget. At Holt Ag Solutions, we offer flexible financing options, so you can get the new combine harvester you need when you need it.

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Holt Ag Solutions offers a number of combines made by CLAAS to meet the needs of California and Oregon farmers. At our locations, you can find combines for sale with class size, tank capacity and rated power to suit your operation. Check out our listings for CLAAS LEXION combines for sale or contact us today to learn more.

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