MF 6616

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MF 6616

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PTO Horsepower

Dyna-4 Transmission
Dyna-6 Transmission
125 hp
Dyna-VT Transmission
120 hp

Performance & Engine

Rated Engine Power 
150 hp
Rated Engine Speed
2200 rpm
Maximum Engine hp
160 hp
Engine Type
AGCO Power 4.9L 4-cylinder Diesel
Wastegate Turbocharged & intercooled
Fuel Injection System
Bosch High Pressure Common Rail, SisuTronic EEM4 Control
Emissions Control System
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Capacities & Dimensions

Fuel Capacity
61 gal
DEF Capacity
9.2 gal
Alternator Capacity
240 Amps (2 x 120 amps)
105 in. 
Overall Length
184.7 in. 
Height to Top of Cab
115.5 in.
Base Weight
12,500 lbs.  

Front Axle

Front Axle Type
Cast steel 4WD, center driveline, outboard planetary final drive
Axle Suspension
Classic: Optional
Deluxe & Premium: Standard
Differential Lock 
Fully locking, engagement with rear axle differential lock
4-wheel braking via 4WD Driveshaft engagement
Classic: Hydraulic
Deluxe & Premium: Electro-hydraulic, SpeedSteer capable


PTO Type
Classic: 540/1000
Deluxe & Premium: 540/1000 standard & economy speeds


Cabin Structure 
6-post ROPS frame, 2 doors, flat deck
HVAC System
Classic & Deluxe: Manual HVAC standard; Automatic climate control optional.
Premium: Auto Climate Control
Air Ride Seat
Classic: Manual Adjust
Deluxe & Premium: Auto Adjust
Cab Suspension
Classic: none
Deluxe: mechanical (passive)
Premium: Hydraulic (active)

Transmission & Rear Axles

Dyna-6: 24 x 24 Powershift
Dyna-VT: CVT
Clutch Type
Dyna-6: Wet milti disc
Dyna-VT: None
Individually operated right and left; hydraulic wet disc
Final Drives
Inboard planetary reduction
Differential Lock
Fully locking front and rear axles; electro-hydraulically engaged
Rear Axle Type 
Dyna-6: Flange, short bar & long bar axle
Dyan-VT: Short and long bar


System Type
Standard & Twin Flow: Open Center
Hi Flow: Closed Center
Pump Type
Standard: Twin gear, isolated
Twin Flow: Twin gear, combined
Hi Flow: Variable piston
Flow Rate at Remotes
Standard: 15 gpm
Twin Flow: 26 gpm
Hi Flow: 29 gpm
Remote Valve Type
Standard: Mechanical
Twin & Hi Flow: Electronic & Mechanical
Number of Rear Valves
Standard: up to 3
Twin & Hi Flow: Up to 4
Loader Provision
Standard: N/A
Twin Flow: Mechanical Joystick
Hi Flow: Electronic Joystick
3-Point Lift Capacity 
11,400 lbs. @ 24"