Massey Ferguson Track Tractors

If you want a versatile, agile and powerful tractor designed for performance on uneven or rough terrain, look no further than a track tractor. These tractor types feature improved traction through rotating tracks with more gripping surfaces for increased ground contact.

Holt Ag Solutions is the place to find market-leading Massey Ferguson track tractors for sale if you're a farmer or sizable agricultural business in Northern California or Oregon.


Our Massey Ferguson Track Tractor Options

Tracks are available for our most robust Massey Ferguson models from the high-horsepower 8700 series. This tractor type offers features like:

  • A range from 270 to 370 horsepower, with boosting options up to 400.
  • Customizable technology and a multipad joystick for precision control.
  • A high-visibility cab with ergonomic controls and CYCLAIR™ cooling.
  • Built-in tool storage and cup holders for extra convenience.
  • A complete LED light package for those pre-dawn mornings and post-dusk evenings.

You can also check out our inventory of track tractors from Fendt and Challenger.

Benefits of Massey Ferguson Track Tractors

Massey Ferguson track tractors offer owners many benefits, including:

  • Versatility: Our lineup of track tractors is compatible with numerous attachments, so you'll be prepared to handle multiple tasks with one piece of equipment.
  • Comfort: Massey Ferguson engineers focus on comfort as part of the design process, delivering you an exceptionally smooth ride and roomy cabs.
  • Maneuverability: Tracks allow for a smaller turning radius, making them a good choice where space is more confined.

Where Do Massey Ferguson Track Tractors Work Best?

These track-propelled models offer an excellent solution for many applications, like:

  • Soil conditions where stability is a concern, such as muddy fields.
  • Hillside work.
  • Areas where lower soil compaction is desirable.
  • Plantings where crop rows are narrow.

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