Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractors

As a Northern California or Oregon agricultural professional, you likely research carefully before adding a new piece of equipment to your farm or business. One consideration that often comes up is diesel versus gasoline engines. If you've decided diesel is the right solution, there's one clear place to find Massey Ferguson models featuring these engines — Holt Ag Solutions.


Our Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractors for Sale

We offer diesel-powered tractors meeting various needs, including:

  • Compact models: We carry options like the 1800 M and the 2800 M. These styles feature solid cast rear ends and front axles to improve stability during demanding tasks.
  • Utility tractors: Holt Ag Solutions has the 2600H series, sporting quick and easy attachment changes to keep productivity at its max. We also offer the 4700 series with upgraded power and lifting capacities.
  • Mid-range style: The 6700 series has aced rigorous testing environments to prove its durability and performance in rugged conditions. It provides a significant lifting capacity to make light work of your heaviest agricultural chores.

Benefits of Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractors

Our Massey Ferguson diesel-powered tractors offer you unmatched:

  • Durability: Each Massey Ferguson diesel engine is built to exacting quality specifications, giving you confidence in its reliable performance for years to come.
  • Environmental compliance: Massey Ferguson diesel engines feature an eco-friendlier design, with diesel oxidation catalysts to help reduce emissions. These models meet Tier 4 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance standards.
  • Comfort and convenience: The engineering team has redesigned the cabs to provide more room, ample storage and increased visibility for more enjoyment during those long workdays.

Best Applications for Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractors

Massey Ferguson diesel tractors are all-around workhorses and especially valuable in applications like:

  • Mowing.
  • Snow navigation and removal.
  • Ditch and trench work.
  • Loading.
  • Tilling.
  • Raking.
  • Grading.

Browse Our Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractors Online

Holt Ag Solutions carries an extensive inventory of new Massey Ferguson tractors with diesel engines. You'll also find a wide selection of Kubota equipment and used machinery to stretch your budget further. New or pre-owned, we back them all with our unparalleled customer service and product knowledge. 

View our tractors online, then request a quote or contact a Holt Ag Solutions specialist.