Massey Ferguson 7600 Series High Horsepower Tractors

With the Massey Ferguson 7600 series of high horsepower tractors, the choice is yours.  By being able to choose which engine, transmission and hydraulics you want, this high horsepower tractor is a versatile powerhouse that will get you through those long days in the field.

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Models Max HP PTO HP Transmission Rear Lift Capacity @ Link Ends (lbs) Weight (lbs)
7614 142 110 Dyna-4 9800 15,060
7615 153 120, 110 Dyna-4, Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 9800, 11,500 (Dyna-VT) 15,060
7616 164 120 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 9800, 11,500 (Dyna-VT) 15,060
7618 180 130 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,060
7619 190 140 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,800
7620 200, 205 150 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,800
7622 222 165 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,990
7624 242, 250 180 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,990
7626 265 195 Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT 14,000, 13,715 (Dyna-VT) 15,990

Transmission options

Most models of the Massey Ferguson 7600 series of high horsepower tractors allow you to choose your transmission. The exclusive Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions offer partial powershifting capabilities for optimized performance while minimizing fuel consumption. Another option is the clutchless, stepless Dyna-VT™ transmission, which offers you infinite speed control. You can go from super creep to transport speed, all without shifting, jerking or delayed traction.

Engine Options

The 7600 series also allows you to choose between two efficient AGCO POWER™ engines. The 66 CTA has a 120-240 engine HP.  The 74 CTA features PTO HP between 110-195. Both are built to power more productivity.


Massey Ferguson’s 7600 series of tractors are packed with innovations to make the job faster and easier. Control speed or power shift changes, hitch lift and lower, cruise control and more with a new, integrated multi-function joystick. Auto-Guide 3000 automatic steering can not only help you save on crop inputs, time and fuel, it can extend the life of your equipment. Auto-Guide 3000 has precise applications built-in, including bedding, planting, spraying and tillage.

Capable & Comfortable

While you choose how much power and what kind of transmission you need for your application with the Massey Ferguson 7600 series, AGCO ensures you get the efficiency and comfort you need to get the job done.

These high horsepower tractors feature advanced SCR clean air technology. This fuel-saving clean air technology meets EPA standards without sacrificing power and productivity, while also increasing fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. Each model of the 7600 series is also equipment with Dynamic Tractor Management so that engine speed is automatically adjusted to the load for improved power to the ground and fuel economy.

With a suspended front axle and OptiRide™ cab suspension, Massey Ferguson’s 7600 series of high horsepower tractors ensure that even the longest days feel shorter. The cab on these tractors has been completely redesigned, and now feature a roomier, cushier and more productive workspace. Included in the cab is a Superluxe air-suspension seat that reacts & adjusts instantly to field conditions. This seat also features double pneumatic lumbar support, eight ways to adjust it to fit you perfectly and carbon cooling.

These high horsepower tractors place key functions at your fingertips with technology that helps you make better decisions and work faster so you can be more profitable.

Other cab features include the lowest decibel level in the industry, high efficiency cooling & heating and a 61 square foot picture window for superior visibility.