Kubota M8 Series Utility Tractors

The Kubota M8 Series of utility tractors is engineered to take on any job in the field, regardless of terrain or weather conditions. These machines are ready for planting, material handling, raking, baling hay, tedding, and much more. Get ready for excellent power and versatility with the Kubota M8 Series tractors.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M8-181 180 99 11,200 19,510
M8-201 200 99 11,200 19,510

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The cab of the Kubota M8 Series of utility tractors is very spacious from top to bottom, with all its levers and panels being easily accessible by reach. The cab includes a climate control feature and can be switched from manual to automatic depending on your liking. The deluxe seating will give you the comfort you need to work a long day in the field, while the suspension on the seats make a bumpy ride feel smoother.


These Kubota diesel tractors include the efficient and robust Cummins B6 Performance Series engine. This is one of the most dependable engines on the market with an impressive 180 HP and 200 HP models, giving you the power to handle hefty operations. The Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalyst Reduction provides clean and lower emissions to not only meet standards but deliver optimal efficiency.


These Kubota utility tractors can handle a wide variety of projects with exceptional performance and maneuverability. The hydraulics on these Kubota tractors are designed to be highly customizable for the operator’s requirements, and the 3-point hitch provides the flexibility to use a wide range of attachments. Kubota has also integrated a new and improved loader system onto these utility tractors, which includes a mechanical self-leveling system, impressive lifting capacity and great loader suspension.