Kubota M7 Series Gen 2 Utility Tractors

If you need a tractor with high productivity, deluxe cab comfort, and great reliability, look no further than the Kubota M7 Series Gen 2 of utility tractors. The four available models provide commercial farmers and growers with a robust tractor that can make any operation more profitable. These powerful diesel utility tractors are ready for the most difficult tasks.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M7-132 128 87 11,797 14,840
M7-152 148 87 11,797 14,840
M7-172 168 87 11,797 15,390

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These Kubota utility tractors have all the power and performance you need in the field. The engine technology that makes up the V6108 Engine is extremely efficient and reliable for better fuel economy and less engine noise. These Kubota tractors have a Power Boost capability which allows the tractor to produce an increase in speed of up to an extra 20 HP. These tractors are also equipped with larger fuel tanks so you can work longer hours.


The Kubota M7 Series Gen 2 takes comfortability to the next level when it comes to the high-tech cab. The cab has been designed to be wider inside with just four corner posts and no center pillars to get in the way. Taking on bumps and dips in the field is a breeze due to the outstanding cabin suspension; the suspension stiffness can easily be adjusted manually or automatically. The cab is also engineered so that the loud noises emitted from the tractor are well reduced for the operator.


Kubota makes it a priority to engineer its tractors to have optimal maneuverability and versatility, because every job in the field requires different procedures and movements. Maneuvering these machines in tight spaces is effortless due to the fantastic turning radius as well as its easy-to-reach levers and panels. This series also includes the KVT (Kubota Variable Transmission) which features a continuously variable transmission offering a combination of 40 speeds.