Kubota M6S Series Utility Tractors

Kubota has designed the M6S-111 utility tractor to be able to handle a variety of tasks out in the field. Whether you need to do loader work, mowing or hay operations, this Kubota utility tractor has the capacity to get it done. Kubota has implemented many new, important features to make this utility tractor versatile and powerful. And with its clean running engine, this machine is ready to perform.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M6S-111 114 46.2 3,858 7,341

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The M6S diesel utility tractor by Kubota consists of a high-quality V-3800 Tier IV final engine that has exhaust gas recirculation, a common rail fuel system and intercooler. The constant RPM management memory system allows the tractor to minimize repetitive actions when under operation. The Swing Shift feature for the 16 forward and 16 reverse speed transmission allows for the operator to control multiple different speeds with one single lever. The clutch off switch makes it easier to switch gears so that the operator doesn’t have to use the clutch pedal.


Kubota has designed the M6S tractor to be comfortable in the cab for the operator. The main shift lever is easily accessible and comfortable to utilize. The loader joystick on this Kubota tractor is easy to operate and has great responsiveness. The seat is designed to help with lumbar support and is capable of absorbing large amounts of shock. The floor layout on this utility tractor has been redesigned to provide more leg room to ensure operator comfort.


The Kubota M6S utility tractor is excellent for getting through tough and narrow spots while out in the field. The front axle is designed to allow a tighter turning radius so that tight angles are not an issue. The lift capacity from the backside can handle up to 3,858 lbs. if you are looking to haul some heavy loads. The optional ROPS model of the M6S has a 32-speed Swing Shift transmission that is best for utilizing the tractor in varying load environments, such as working in mixed soil conditions or during hay tool applications.