Kubota M6H Series Utility Tractors

The M6H tractor is built for high clearance so that spraying, planting, and harvesting applications become much simpler. This machine is engineered with high-performance technology-driven engine features, a 24-speed swing shift transmission, and high hydraulic performance.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.)

Weight (lbs.)

M6H-101 104.4 46 3,858 8,157

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When it comes to power and performance, Kubota tractors will not let you down. The M6H includes a turbocharged V3800 Tier IV Final engine which has a Common Rail System, intercooler and Exhaust Gas Recirculation. This engine also reaches a gross HP of 104.4 with the weight and stability to handle more tough tasks with ease. The 24-Speed Swing Shift Transmission allows for various low and high speeds with 4 additional speeds included in the main shift.


The cab on the M6H tractor is engineered for operator comfortability so that you can work longer hours in the field. The operator seat is contoured and built for optimal comfort with a steering wheel that tilts to a better angle for your arms. The shift levers are easily accessible and placed specifically to be reached from any angle. The floor layout has also been redesigned so that the operator has much more leg room and space for other items.


Kubota has designed this machine to have exceptional maneuverability and high clearance because these features can have a huge impact on having a successful operation in the field. The high clearance of the M6H makes spraying, planting, and harvesting applications a breeze. This tractor includes two standard rear remote valves with an optional third valve so that you can attach a wide variety of implements, with a lift capacity of 3,858 lbs.