Kubota M6 Series Utility Tractors

Kubota has introduced the high-performance, strong but gentle M6 series of utility tractors. These tractors have advanced control, maneuverability and great power to get the tough jobs done in a timely manner. With features like the Bi-Speed Turn, the Work Kruise and the Grand X Cab, you can’t go wrong with the Kubota M6 Series of tractors.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M6-101 104.5 50.2 6,834 9,601
M6-111 114.1 50.2 6,834 9,789
M6-131 131.6 50.2 6,834 10,945
M6-141 141.4 50.2 6,834 10,945

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Kubota understands that a high-performance engine is necessary for a powerful tractor. That’s why they have included their clean diesel solution engine with the latest advances of clean-engine technology. In addition, these utility tractors feature a selective Catalytic Reduction system, which sprays the exhaust when it’s hot. The Common Rail System electronically controls the timing amount of high-pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion. The powerful Intelli-Shift transmission features an 8-speed powershift with a 3-speed, hi/mid/low range for 24 gears in forward and reverse.


Kubota’s Grand X cab has been completely redesigned to increase cab room for the operator. In addition, all the displays, levers and controls have been strategically placed for optimal accessibility and easy access. The one-touch hydraulic shuttle lever is placed behind the steering wheel on these Kubota utility tractors to allow the operator to easily shift between forward and reverse while keeping both hands on the wheel. More operating levers are located on the ergonomically designed armrest to reduce arm fatigue and increase ease of use. The comfortable, air-suspension swivel seat is contoured and generously padded to keep the operator feeling great all day.


Kubota has made sure that the M6 utility tractor series has optimal maneuverability and versatility for the most difficult jobs in the field. When the front wheels exceed a turning angle of about 35 degrees, the Bi-Speed Turn feature rotates the front wheels at a rate of speed nearly twice that of the rear wheels, resulting in a smooth, tight turning angle. Work Kruise, a new added feature, is essentially an electronic governor for the engine that keeps the engine revolution constant, preventing drops in PTO speed and enabling stable operation. In addition, the RPM dual memory feature on the Kubota M6 series can now be pre-set and save up to two frequently used engine RPM settings.