Kubota M5 Series Utility Tractors

Kubota has introduced the newly redesigned M5 Series of utility tractors for operators that are looking for a productive yet comfortable ride. The cab includes many new additions for optimal comfort during a long day of work. These tractors are versatile and will handle a wide variety of jobs in the field. The re-engineered exhaust system dramatically reduces emissions without sacrificing performance.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Weight (lbs.)
M5-091 92.5 27.7 4,630 6,041
M5-111 105.6 27.7 4,630 6,173

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The F8/R8 transmission has four synchronized speeds of the main shift and a high/low range supply tractor with 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds (optional F12/R12 and F24/R24). To make shifting smooth and save time overall, Kubota integrated the Electro-Hydraulic Shuttle. This boosts productivity by eliminating the need to depress the clutch in these Kubota utility tractors every time the operator changes direction. In addition, the hydraulic wet disc brakes decrease operator effort and increase overall tractor longevity. These high-performance brakes retain peak performance even after a long day of use.


For optimal comfort, the cabs on the M5 Series of utility tractors are very spacious, extra-wide and fully enclosed. One of the largest in its class, these cabs are equipped with high quality air conditioning, a sunroof with retractable sunshade and rubber seat cushions. These cabs have full-length doors for easier access and an unobstructed ceiling for more standing space inside. Furthermore, Kubota has designed the cab glass to be rounded for increased visibility from the seats. The cab doors also have more glass coverage area to make it easier to step in and out of the tractor.


Kubota takes pride in designing their utility tractors to be versatile, long-lasting and durable. That is why the Kubota M5 Series has everything you need to complete a wide variety of jobs in the field. The hydraulics on these machines are powerful, fast-acting and can support various attachments. The bevel-gear front axle provides increased maneuverability and gives the tractor a tighter turning radius. The floating lift rods gives the tractor a much smoother ride and enhanced traction.