Kubota M4N-M5N Narrow Series Utility Tractors

Kubota has made several new updates and features to make the M4N/M5N Narrow Series of utility tractors even better than before. These Kubota utility tractors are engineered with a narrow frame to be able to maneuver through orchards, vineyards or any other job in the field that has a tight fit. Along with their versatility, these utility tractors provide great power, improved hydraulic capacity and comfortable operator stations.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank Capacity (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs.) Tractor Weight (lbs.)
M4N-071 70.4 20.1 3,307 5,291
M5N-091 87.5 20.1 3,307 5,622
M5N-111 100.7 20.1 3,307 5,622

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The Kubota M4/M5 Narrow Series of utility tractors provides outstanding productivity due to its updated engine features. The V3800 Tier IV Final engine includes a common rail fuel system, intercooler, diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction for reduced emissions. The alternator capacity on these Kubota tractors has increased as well, along with a larger radiator and a bigger cooling fan for optimal engine performance. The versatile 12F x 12R speed transmission is highly productive, while the shuttle shift is electric for easier direction changes.


Kubota takes its cab quality and comfortability very seriously because the operator should never have to endure pain from being uncomfortable.  The cabs in this series of tractors are quite roomy and there is a good amount of leg space considering these are narrow tractors. The multi-functional intellipanel has been updated for even better efficiency than before and all the main controls are on the right-hand side for easy access. The steering wheel on these Kubota tractors is strategically tilted at 40 degrees for optimal comfort.


Kubota has designed this utility tractor series to be more versatile than ever with its Narrow frame and high-quality features. These tractors are ideal for work in orchards, vineyards or anywhere it would be a tight fit for a traditional-width tractor. The improved hydraulics have 2 standard rear remote valves with the option to add 3 more valves to allow the tractor to accept implements requiring multiple valves.