Kubota M Series Low Profile Tractors

Kubota Low Profile Tractors for Sale

The Kubota M Series of low profile tractors provide you with full-size features and capabilities of their other tractors but in a design suited for fruit and nut orchard applications. And yet, the M Series Low Profile is versatile enough that is has also been used in poultry operations and anywhere else low clearance operation is required. The Kubota M series low profile tractor is the leader in the low profile specialty market having been built to withstand the toughest orchard conditions and come ready for a front-end loader straight from the factory.



PTO HP @ Rated RPM

M5L 100 89
M6L 114 95

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Powered by a proven and reliable V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine, Kubota M Series Low Profile tractors have several features that make them ideal for orchard work, protecting the crop, the operator and the tractor all at the same time.

Standard on the M5L tractor is a right hand operator guard. This guard keeps low hanging branches from coming in contact with the operator and critical controls like the main gear shift levers, throttle, rear remotes or 3-point control.

The hood on these low profile, orchard tractors gently deflect and avoid branches with a sloped, low design crafted out of steel. This also increases your visibility in front of the tractor.

Competitive manufacturers use lighter plastic and fiberglass fenders to protect orchard trees. Kubota, on the other hand, continues uses heavy-duty, wide steel fenders designed to last the life of the these low profile tractors, yet can still gently deflect tree branches.

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