Kubota LX Series

Kubota continues it’s success in the compact tractor market with the new Kubota LX series. These compact tractors have everything you need when it comes to the essentials: quality, versatility and comfort. With choices between 24.8 to 30.8 gross engine horsepower, the LX series is also available in 4WD in both a ROPS and cab with an HST Transmission. This series also includes the LX2610SU, which is a more affordable option that still consists of the deluxe features that are included in the rest of the LX series.

Model Engine Gross HP Fuel Tank (gal.) Lift Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs)
LX2610SUHSD 24.8 7.1 2139 1786
LX2610HSD 24.8 7.1 2139 1786
LX3310HSD 30.8 7.1 2139 1918
LX2610HSDC 24.8 8.3 2139 2293
LX3310HSDC 30.8 8.3 2139 2469

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Whether you are interested in the ROPS or the Cab model, the Kubota LX series of compact tractors guarantees comfort in both. The Kubota LX series has optimal air circulation inside of the cab with specifically curved glass and strategically placed air outlets, so that the air conditioner and heater operate smoothly. Workdays will not seem so long when you have the deluxe high-back suspension seat with arm rests to sit comfortably in. In addition, the wide platform of the cab creates more leg space and room to operate.


Longevity and reliability are key traits that Kubota implements in every one of its tractors. To continue this reputation, the LX series of compact tractors features the one-piece full metal open hood, metal fenders and platform, the powerful Kubota diesel engine, and a sophisticated cold weather performance build. The diesel engine produces a high level of power while also providing better fuel economy and lower emissions all together. These tractors are also easy to maintain and clean with the one-piece metal hood, water separator sensor and the washer fluid tank.


No matter what project you’re tackling, the Kubota LX series of compact tractors provides quick and easy-to-use implements and attachments from the front to the back. Versatile , the Kubota LX series can be used for many different applications such as snow removal, mowing, material handling, excavating, loading and more. The high performance LA535 Front Loader offers perfect landscaping, large lifting capacity or simply some light utility work. In addition, the Kubota 3-Point Hitch system provides fast and simple connection for a wide range of attachments.