CLAAS LEXION combines have been helping North American farmers become more efficient at harvest for over 20 years. Owners of LEXION combines save fuel and grain, increasing productivity while driving down the cost of harvest. CLAAS is committed to providing productivity, performance, comfort, optimization and advancement in its LEXION combines. That’s why Holt Ag Solutions is proud to be a dealer of these exceptional combines. 

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Model Class
Width (in)
Grain Tank
Capacity (bu/l)
Rate (bu/l/s)
Power (hp)
780TT 10 APS 67/1700 ROTO PLUS 385/12,500 3.8/130 Mercedes-Benz 570
780 10 APS 67/1700 ROTO PLUS 360/12,800 3.8/130
2.8/90 Rice
Mercedes-Benz 570
760TT 9 APS 67/1700 ROTO PLUS 385/13,500 3.8/130
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 503
760 9 APS 67/1700 ROTO PLUS 360/12,800 3.8/130
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 503
750TT 8 APS 56/1420 ROTO PLUS 330/11,500 3.8/130
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 456
750 8 APS 56/1420 ROTO PLUS 330/11,500 3.8/130
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 456
740TT 7 APS 56/1420 ROTO PLUS 300/10,600
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 402
740 7 APS 56/1420 ROTO PLUS 300/10,600
2.8/90 Rice
Caterpillar 402
730 6 APS 56/1420 ROTO PLUS 300/10,600
3.8/130 Mercedes-Benz 349
670TT 7 APS 67/1700 Straw Walker 330/11,500 3.8/130
Mercedes-Benz 375
670 7 APS 67/1700 Straw Walker 330/11,500 3.8/130
Mercedes-Benz 375


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Time is money when it comes to harvest. You can expect the highest possible productivity from CLAAS LEXION combines. These combines offer more capacity, performance and efficiency from the moment your crop flows into the feederhouse and then either into the APS Hybrid System (LEXION 700 Series) or the APR Straw Walker Threshing and Separation System (LEXION 600 Series). This efficiency continues all the way to the moment clean grain hits the grain tank and residue is spread.

Designed for all crops, the HP Feederhouse features an extra wide channel with a shallow angle to provide a smooth, gentle transition for the crop into the threshing system. The Feederhouse brake protects against foreign bodies and other causes of damage by allowing the header to stop immediately if necessary. This is done with the simple pressing of a button on your multifunction control lever. The AUTO CONTOUR enables the header to follow the field’s terrain during harvest automatically to ensure consistent cutting height.

The LEXION 700 series of combines feature the APS Hybrid system. This is a combination of two industry-leading technologies: the Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) threshing and the ROTO PLUS dual roto separation system. This combination gives these combines a significant competitive edge over other combine processors, and only CLAAS integrates both systems into one. By having the APS Threshing system, up to 30 percent of the crop is pre-separated at the pre-concave which results in more efficient threshing due to a thinner crop map. The ROTO PLUS separation system has two counter-rotating rotors that generate more separation force, more efficiently than a combine with a single-rotor processor. When this force is combined with the 14-foot rotor length, you get the industry’s highest capacity separation system.

The LEXION 670 combine features the APS Straw Walker system. This system uses the same high capacity APS threshing technology as the LEXION 700 series but features a six-walker separation system as well. This system is enhanced by the patented Multi-Finger Separation System (MSS). The MSS drum has retractable fingers that combines through the crop mat for added separation performance. Timing on the MSS fingers can be adjusted to make them more or less aggressive depending on the crop conditions. All this comes together to allow the LEXION 670 to excel in capacity due to the reduced amount of grain needing to be separated by the straw walkers when compared to competitive straw walker combines.

The preparation floor on all LEXION combines conveys processed grain and material other than grain to the cleaning system. As this is done, the exclusive shaking action moves heavier grain to the bottom layer and chaff to the top layer, making the cascade pre-cleaner’s job more efficient.  Designed to match the capacity of the APS HYBRID SYETEM, LEXION combines feature the JET STREAM cleaning system. The JET STREAM cleaning system is unmatched with its extra-large upper sieve area and high performance turbine fans. 

CLAAS LEXION combines come equipped with powerfolding bin extensions. These extensions are constructed of steel and are controlled hydraulically from the cab. They raise and lower rapidly to prevent any downtime. Unloading is fast and efficient with a heavy-duty drive while the #80 O-ring sealed chain increases service intervals for greater uptime and longer chain life.


CLAAS is committed to building greater efficiency, reliability and profitability into every machine they develop. Of course, this applies to the current LEXION combines. CLAAS paid particular attention to the drive system, which is of critical importance, and includes much more than just a powerful engine. CLAAS combined experience gained from over 75 years in the combine production business and more than 20 years of LEXION development to create the best ever CLAAS drive system to deliver the best working results in the current line of LEXION combines.

LEXION combines feature engines from either Mercedes Benz or Caterpillar to deliver top performance while keeping operating costs down. No matter the conditions, the LEXION hydrostatic ground drive delivers industry-leading torque for maximum operating efficiency. This ground drive is easily controlled using either of the two multi-function lever options offered in these combines.

The revolutionary DYNAMIC COOLING system featured in all LEXION combines are positioned horizontally behind the engine so that it can pull air from where it is coolest a cleanest - above the combine. Air is then drawn in through the radiator housing and engine compartment by the cooling fan before it exits out the vents on the side panel. This forces dust and light debris away from the combine to prevent it from being pulled in by the cooling fan, resulting  in a significant increase to the air filter service interval.  This DYNAMIC COOLING system’s fan is variable speed  so that it can adjust automatically to the temperature of the engine. Fan speed increases as the engine heats up, decreasing as the engine cools. This means that significantly less power is required to run the cooling fan as compared to conventional fans that run at a constant high rpm.

Because low ground disturbance at harvest maintains good soil structure and enables optimal plant growth the next season, CLAAS offers the TERRA TRAC full suspension system on most of the LEXION 700 series models as well as on the LEXION 670. TERRA TRAC features an exclusive fully-suspended in-line design to ensure more efficient transfer of power to the 35-inch wide belts to create maximum traction and leading flotation. Now in its 3rd generation, TERRA TRAC offers the highest quality ride with the lowest ground pressure. Hydro-pneumatic cylinders dampen movement of the track frame by taking the shape of the terrain to ensure full belt contact for reduced compaction and leading comfort and stability.


CLAAS has added some great technological advances to the LEXION combine line to ensure maximum performance, efficiency and productivity. This starts with the header drive. The technology in the header drive offers a stronger, more efficient power output that can match the demands of larger headers. Then you have the QUANTIMETER, a volumetric yield monitoring system that uses photo-electric sensors to measure grain traveling on each paddle of the clean grain elevator chain. A moisture sensor gives you real-time grain moisture reads.

And CLAAS is just getting started when it comes to the technology included in its LEXION combines. Other technology features include:

CEBIS – this is an all-in-one combine performance display that allows total machine monitoring and control through a clear, intuitive menu structure.

The new CEBIS MOBILE features a 12-inch color touchscreen with large, easy-to-read icons and a simple, user-friendly layout. CEBIS MOBILE comes with the new CEMOS AUTOMATIC user interface that allows you to easily and quickly interact with the system. Simply decide between throughput, cleanliness, straw quality and threshing quality. CEBIS MOBILE also allows you to visually monitor the rotor cover place movement during operation.

As the LEXION flagship technology, CEMOS AUTOMATIC is the technology for all operator assistance and optimization, taking the guesswork out of setting you combine. Its functions adjust the machine continuously and automatically in line with current harvesting conditions, enabling maximum throughput with top grain quality and cleaning while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. All operators have to do it activate the automatic function. This technology encompasses a number of functions for optimized machine performance, including:

  • CEMOS 4D-Cleaning

These LEXION combines also include CEMOS DIALOG, your smart reliable partner designed to motivate you to optimize your combine’s performance by adapting its settings to the situation and providing you with a sense of security while increasing your skills through ongoing learning.  CEMOS DIALOG finds the right combine setting every time by balancing performance, quality, safety and efficiency. It provides you with suggested adjustments to machine settings and mechanical components along  with text messages and illustrations to help you make decisions.

Usually the task of assessing grain quality calls for a certain level of experience and a high level of concentration by the operator. With the GRAIN QUALITY CAMERA on LEXION combines, this task is done for you by assessing the grain and material other than grain (MOG) automatically and consistently throughout the day. Images captured by this camera are evaluated. And by having the camera positioned on the elevator head, the data obtained is very reliable because the material has not been segregated and the camera acquires a direct image of crop flow. This camera can evaluate wheat, canola, corn, barley, rye and triticale crops.

You can access important data from your combine anytime and anywhere with an internet connection thanks to the CLAAS data management interface. This interface allows you to access TELEMATICS,  FLEET VIEW and Remote Service and the QUANTIMETER.

TELEMATICS provides you with the ultimate data experience for your CLAAS machinery with an overview of compiled machine information so you can better manage your operation while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your machine.

FLEET VIEW puts your entire fleet on the same page so you can manage your combines and transport vehicles from a mobile device. This way you provide all parties within your logistics chain a bird’s eye view of your entire operation. Such transparency ensures people are in the right place at the right time for maximum efficiency.

Remote service allows Holt Ag Solutions to remotely access critical service-related information to start the diagnostic process right away. This results in faster problem resolutions and proactive maintenance planning, maximizing your combine’s uptime.


You can only function at top productivity if the long days of harvest don’t feel so long. This is why CLAAS pulled out all the stops when it comes to maintaining a high level of operator comfort. The cabs on the LEXION combines provide you with the freedom of movement, a clear layout of all controls and excellent visibility all around. Air conditioning maintains a consistent, comfortable atmosphere while superb soundproofing and a three-position adjustable steering column allow LEXION combine cabs to provide first-class working conditions.

At the your hands is the CMOTION multifunction control lever. This plays a key role in making LEXION combines user-friendly and comfortable. Specially designed for ergonomic operation, the CMOTION lever features an innovative three-finger control concept that allows several functions to be controlled intuitively without the need to reposition your hand.

Maintenance on these combines is user-friendly and easy with long service intervals. Go 1,000 hours before changing the oil in the working hydraulic. All maintenance points are easy to access too, so the task of maintenance is fast and simple.

CLAAS LEXION combines are backed by Holt Ag Solutions Parts & Service department. We’ll be there for you, wherever and whenever you need us, to ensure your machine and business stay on track. Contact us today to learn more about CLAAS LEXION combines and download the brochure here.