In its current line of LEXION combines, CLAAS took feedback from customers to create a solution that includes new technology as well as fine-tuned the existing, all with a new, bold image. These new combines feature top quality functions, services and solutions that CLAAS is known for as well as superior, groundbreaking innovations that can be found nowhere else in the world. This includes the APS HYRBID SYSTEM, which combines the Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) threshing system with the ROTO PLUS separation system to form the most productive threshing and separation system on the market.

The LEXION 700 series performance advantage is backed by other numerous innovations, including the new deluxe cab that offers industry-leading comfort, CEBIS with improved operating functions, TERRA TRAC with a road speed of up to 25 mph, and ParaDyme™ guidance to make the most of each pass.

Other Features Include:

  • High-performance Cutterbars
  • 360-bushel Expandable Grain Tank
  • Big Performance Turret Auger that can deliver up to 3.8 bushels per second
  • JET STREAM Cleaning
  • 4-Link Axle
  • 360-degree View Cab
  • Returns Window to monitor quality and content of crop material from inside the cab

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