Challenger WR 9800 Series of Windrowers

Challenger’s WR9800 series of windrowers provide you with the muscle and endurance you need to get the job done. Each model comes standard with a reliable ACGO Power™ engine. And with three models to choose from, we are sure we have a windrower that will meet your exact capability needs.

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Models Rated HP Boosted HP Engine Headers Weight w/o Header (lbs)
WR9840 137 148 AGCO Power 4.4 CTA T4F Draper, Auger 11,250
WR9860 197 208 AGCO Power 4.4 CTA T4F All 11,305
WR9870 225 240 AGCO Power 6.6 CTA T4F All 11,420

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Easy to Use

The Challenger WR9800 series of windrowers will help you produce hay faster, more efficient and with greater precision while reducing your fatigue. The technology included on these windrowers offers you with a variety of components that communicate electronically and many functions are executed automatically. The rotary header speed is designed to automatically compensate for different field conditions while the Auto Load Control automatically adjusts ground speed based on engine load and header drive pressure. With the V-Cool feature, you don’t have to do the dirty work – it is design to keep itself clear of debris by automatically reversing the fan every 15 minutes or sooner as required. This cleans the intake screen, eliminating the need for rotary screens or brushes.


The Challenger WR9800 series of Windrowers was completely design to provide a more inviting workspace for operators, especially for those long days in the field. All improvements were made based on actual customer feedback on what they need to increase efficiency and reduce operator fatigue. One such improvement is GlideRider™,  rear axle suspension and an air suspension cab that combine to deliver serious comfort. You can also opt for a cab suspension system that provides a ride similar to that of a tractor cab. This includes settings from 15 to 35 psi. Sit back in comfort on the deluxe, semi-active air suspension seat. This seat includes both cooling and heating features, side-to-side and fore and aft movement, and adjustable hydraulic suspension. On top of all this, the WR9800 series of Windrowers provide you with a quieter ride. Between the lower-decibel Tier IV engines and quieter hydraulics, combined with added sound-deadening material and a thicker floor mat, these cabs make for an overall happier workplace.