Challenger MT900E Series

The ultimate in articulated 4-wheel drive tractors, the Challenger MT900E Series is capable of tackling vast acreage and pulling large seeding and  tillage implements. Enhancements made to this series from previous Challenger MT900 series ensure you’ll experience a greater working environment with increased productivity. The Challenger MT900E Series of 4WD articulated tractors offer the best in performance, ease of use and comfort.

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Engine Horsepower (hp)

PTO HP @ 1200 rpm

MT955E 500 400
MT965E 550 425
MT975E 600 425

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Powered by the AGCO Power™ 16.8L engine with dual twin-turbochargers, the MT900E series of 4WD articulated tractors deliver high torque at all engine RPMs, making short work of any field. These tractor’s massive frame combined with increased hydraulic flow ensure they can handle the most massive implements with ease – no need for downshifting or pulling implements out of the ground even in the toughest conditions.

The MT900E series include the rugged and reliable CAT® Powershift transmission with eight gears within the working range and a transport speed of up to 25 MPH. With the largest standard axles in the industry (5.7 in), Challenger’s MT900E series of tractors are some of the strongest and durable tractors around.

Power Management allows the engine to work with the transmission to quickly match your operating conditions. When working with heavy draft loads simply select Max Output. For seeding and tillage applications, choose Constant Ground Speed.

Ease of Use

AutoGuide 3000 is a simple to use Tractor Management Center included on Challenger’s MT900E Series of 4WD Articulating Tractors. It includes hands-free, steer-assist technology that will bring to your operations a new level of control and productivity.

The ISOBUS electronic control system on these Challenger 4WD Articulated Tractors places core functions at your fingertips. You can initiate several tractor and implement functions at the touch of a button from the transmission control level with the intuitive One-Touch Management System.

You can monitor and adjust tractor functions with ease using the 7-inch color screen of the Tractor Management Center Display,  that allows for 12 re-programmable soft keys and features a rotary dial.

Challenger’s MT900E Series of Tractors are also Bluetooth® compatible so you can talk on your phone or mobile device – even listen to music – hands-free. An optional KICKER® Speaker System includes 4 speakers, subwoofer and 80 percent more amplifier power for an even more enjoyable ride.


With an ergonomically designed cab, the Challenger MT900E Series of tractors provide you with the ultimate in terms of comfort and control. The Pinnacle View Cab gives you an unmatched 360-degree view.

Stay cool on hot summer days with the re-designed air-conditioning system, Surround-Flow™. With added cooling capacity, you can direct air where you want it thanks to strategically placed vents. Then, stay warm in the winter with these 4WD articulated tractors thanks to the heated and vented semi-active air-suspension seat that adapts to you. This operator seat also features a range of settings that you can adjust so you can make long days in the field feel shorter. 

Challenger’s MT900E Series of tractors offer an LED Lighting package that gives you 10 rear-facing and 2 front-facing fender lights for brighter and better light when days turn into working nights.