Challenger MT900C Series

Challenger’s MT900C series of articulated 4WD tractors provide you with the best performance, ease-of-use and comfort you require from a tractor.

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Engine Horsepower (hp)

PTO HP @ 1200 rpm

MT945C 440 360
MT955C 475 385
MT965C 525 425
MT975C 582 425

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The MT900C Series of Tractors feature a heavy frame in order to stand up to the pressures of engine power and ballast.

A Cat engine supplies the power you need out of these tractors. With either a 15.2L or 18.0L engine, you will get peak torque at 1,400 rpm. These Cat engines also ensure you can maintain lugging power through the toughest of conditions and heaviest of loads.

A Cat transmission efficiently routes power to the front and rear differentials while minimizing horsepower lost. The hydraulic system features a closed center, is load-sensing and pressure- and flow-compensating and comes standard with a 43.5 gpm pump. A 59 gpm pump is an option.

These tractors will also provide you with maximum durability thanks to the largest standard diameter axles on an articulated 4WD tractor.


Simple to operate and more efficient, these Challenger tractors place core functions at your fingertips with the industry-exclusive tractor management center. The TMC Display features a color screen, 12 re-programmable soft keys and a rotary dial so you can adjust operations with ease.

The Headland Management System located on the transmission control lever provides you with the ability to initiate several tractor and implement functions at the same time with the touch of a button.  

The MT900C Series of Articulated 4WD Tractors from Challenger almost do all the work for you. AutoGuide 3000 provides you with automatic steering and after choosing between Constant Ground Speed of Max Output, you can pretty much let the tractor do the rest.


You’ll enjoy driving a MT900C Series Challenger Tractor. A longer wheelbase provides you with a smooth ride whether you are in the field or on the road. An air-suspension seat ensures maximum comfort so you can make the most of each day. Or for the ultimate in comfort, opt for the VRS semi-active, heated operator’s seat, which provides you with continuous real-time automatic damping force.

The MT900C series of tractors provide you with quite the view, too. With 67.5 square feet of usable glass area, a slim profile dash and a short sloping engine hood, you get an unobstructed, panoramic view.