Challenger MT800E Series Track Tractors

Challenger’s MT800E Series of track tractors provide you with maximum power to the ground, efficiently thanks to the unmatched torque of the AGCO Power engine and industry-leading Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system.  An updated hood styling and new cab features ensure that the MT800E series is also a more comfortable workspace.

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Models Engine Engine HP PTO HP
MT845E AGCO Power™ 16.8L 460 365
MT855E AGCO Power™ 16.8L 500 400
MT865E AGCO Power™ 16.8L 550 425
MT875E AGCO Power™ 16.8L 600 425

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True power comes from torque and the MT800E series of track tractors deliver unrivaled torque. The AGCO Power 16.8L engine included on these track tractors are engineers specifically for agricultural applications. The AGCO Power engine generates a long flat torque curve over a wide range of RPMs to provide you with unmatched lugging ability and maximum productivity. There is no need to downshift or pull the implement out of the ground when working in tough conditions.

The CAT powershift transmission on these track tractors are not only rugged and reliable, but they provide eight gears in the working range and a top transport speed of 25 MPH. The Mobil-trac undercarriage system keeps the tractor in constant contact with the ground for better traction and reduced slippage. This results in more pulling ability and greater efficiency while providing you with a smoother ride.

The Challenger MT800E series features an industry-exclusive hydraulically controlled wide swinging drawbar with maximum steering performance while allowing implements to follow the tractor. These track tractors comes with a standard flow of 59 GPM with the closed-center, load-sensing, pressure-flow compensating system while an optional 85 GPM hydraulic pump is available should your application be more demanding.

Ease of Use

Challenger designed the MT800E series of Track Tractors to be easy to use. The number one way Challenger achieves this is with the AutoGuide 3000, which provides a seamless automatic steering system. This hands-free, steer-assist technology provides you with a new level of control and productivity to you operation and makes it simple to operate the power management system. All this comes together ensure you get maximum efficiency. With the touch of a button on the transmission control lever you can initiate several tractor and implement functions at the same time with the intuitive One-Touch™ Management system.

The Tractor Management Center Display on the mT800E series features a 7-inch color screen and has 12 re-programmable soft keys and rotary dial. This display is located so that you can easily monitor and adjust tractor functions easily.  


No amount of power and productivity features matter if the tractor isn’t comfortable for the operator. That’s why Challenger designed the MT800E series of track tractors with ergonomic and comfortable cabs.  With the MT800E series, even the longest days in the field fly by thanks to exclusive oscillating midwheels, Marsh Mellow springs and an air-suspension set.

On the inside of the cab, the semi-active air-suspension seat is heated and vented, built to adapt to any sized operator and features a range of settings to ensure a long day in the field feels shorter. The MT800E series cabs feature a 360-degree view and the redesigned air-conditioning system, Surround-Flow™, to provide added cooling capacity with strategically placed vents which you can direct to get air where you want or need it. These cabs come Bluetooth compatible so you can talk hands-free. The optional KICKER® speaker system includes four speakers, a subwoofer and 80 percent more amplifier power so you can rock out while working.

On the outside of the cab, Marsh Mellow Springs provide the ultimate in comfort by isolating the undercarriage hardbar from the tractor chassis while the industry-exclusive design of the Oscillating midwheels mold the track to the ground for an overall smoother ride over rough terrain fields. The MT800E series can also come equipped with an optional LED Lighting package which includes six rear-facing and two side-facing track lights for better and brighter light.