Challenger MT600E Series High Horsepower Tractors

Tackle the biggest fields and most rugged terrain with the Challenger MT600E series of high horsepower tractors. Each model is packed with leading-edge precision agriculture solutions so that you see a reduction in input costs, improved productivity and an increase in your operation’s profitability.

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Models Max Engine HP PTO HP
MT645E 270 205
MT655E 295 225
MT665E 320 250
MT675E 350 275
MT685E 370 290

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Powerful Performance

Challenger MT600E series tractors are designed to efficiently deliver the power needed to get the job done.

Powered by AGCO Power engines, the MT600E series generates torque at lower RPMs for true lugging ability and with a long flat torque curve, you will get more work done while saving on fuel and extending engine life. These engines have a more direct path to the TechStar CVT transmission. The TechStar CVT is a true stepless transmission that delivers simple, efficient high-performance power to any job.  

A CYCLAIR cooling package ensures these high horsepower tractors can handle the demands of any environment as well as increased power under the hood without sacrificing the tractor’s turning radius or your visibility. An optional SpeedSteer also allows you to achieve sharp turns with fewer wheel rotations, so making headland and turnrow turns is achieved more quickly and easily.

You can adjust the rate of acceleration on the MT600E series to match your operational needs – accelerate slowly in row crop operations or move at full speed when traveling between fields.

Easy to Use

Work smarter than ever before with the onboard features designed into the Challenger MT600E Series. These high horsepower tractors also feature easy-to-access daily service points and easy-to-perform maintenance so that you spend more time in the field.

With the electronic auto-guidance architecture of Auto-Guide™ provides you with deeper machine integration, a streamlined user experience and more choices than ever before. You can choose the best accuracy level and signal source that best suit your operation, and now you can choose from two additional navigation providers - NovAtel® or Trimble®.

When you activate the Power Management system on these Challenger tractors, the engine is automatically controlled to operate at the most efficient RPM. Constant ground speed increases your productivity while lowering the tractor’s fuel consumption.

AGCO’s new Tractor Management System is included on the Challenger MT60)E series. This system is easier to use and more straight forward as well as faster. The display features a flat design with nine-inch capacitive touchscreen with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution.

Overall, the MT600E high horsepower tractors can be operated using foot pedal mode, the multi-function joystick and the transmission joystick.


A tractor this tough can still be soft where it matters most - on the inside. The MT600E series from Challenger features an unbelievably comfortable cab so that your longest days in the field won’t feel that way. These high horsepower tractors feature the largest cabs in its class and offer a panoramic 360-degree view.

The B-pillar behind the driver is logistically laid out with easy to understand soft keys and buttons and is easier to reach.