Challenger MT600D Series High Horsepower Tractors

Designed to provide excellent fuel economy without compromising power or strength, the Challenger MT600D is a robust, modern high horsepower tractor.

Models Max HP PTO HP
MT645D 270 205
MT655D 295 225
MT665D 320 250
MT675D 350 275
MT685D 370 290

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Equipped with AGCO Power™ engines, the Challenger MT600D Series tractors guarantee precision power and high performance with unrivalled torque to keep you going through the most demanding conditions. These tractors come standard with the TechStar™ CVT transmission. This transmission provides you with infinite speed selection, higher efficiency and greater productivity. The hydraulic system on these high horsepower tractors provide flow to multiple functions and are closed-center, pressure- and flow-compensated. An optional 46 gpm hydraulic pump is recommended for the most demanding applications.

Easy to Use & Accessible

Work smarter than ever before with the onboard features included on the Challenger MT600D series. Routine maintenance has been designed to be easy to perform and less often on these Challenger tractors. Replacement intervals for transmission oil and filters are only every 1,200 hours. Engine oil should be changes every 400 hours. Daily service points were designed to be easily accessed on the MT600D tractors so that you spend more time in the field.

Activate the Power Management system on these high horsepower tractors to have the engine and transmission automatically find the most efficient settings. When engaged, the engine will automatically throttle up or down when more or less power is needed, saving you fuel, reducing engine noise and extending service life.

These Challenger tractors feature a Pedal mode, allowing you to go hands-free with the flip of a switch on the TMC console. This manages ground speed by adjusting the engine speed and transmission ratio.

The MT600D series features the Headland Management System, which uses the ISOBUS network to record and execute a variety of functions. Such functions include changing ground speed, raising and lowering the three-point hitch as well as engaging and disengaging the PTO.


Challenger understands that you can’t spend a long day in the field if you’re not comfortable. That’s why the MT600D series of high horsepower tractors feature the largest cab in its class, an amazingly low interior sound rating and spectacular 360° view. The four-post cab design ensures more interior space and fewer obstructions. The AirRide seat comes standard with such adjustments as height and suspension; fore and aft seat position as well as lumbar support and back tilt position.

The OptiRide™ front axle suspension provides enhanced cab comfort while putting more power to the ground. Coupled with the OptiRide Plus cab suspension system, vibrations can be reduced by 50 percent or more. Operator fatigue is further reduced with the OptiRide Plus cab suspension system by using a hydraulic damper and accumulator on each corner of the cab.