Challenger MT500E Series High Horsepower Tractors

New features designed into the Challenger MT500E Series high horsepower tractors offer you enhanced power and efficiency so that you are ready to take on the toughest conditions.

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Models Max Engine HP PTO HP
MT515E 140 115
MT525E 150 120
MT535E 160 125
MT545E 175 135
MT555E 185 145
MT565E 200 155
MT575E 215 165
MT585E 235 180
MT595E 255 200

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The Challenger MT500E is powered by Tier 4 Final AGCO Power™ six-cylinder engines. Forged from solid cast iron, these engines can hammer out the toughest jobs for years to come. These engines feature a new Engine Performance Management system that provides you with additional horsepower under certain conditions so that you can increase productivity out in the field and while on the road.

With three transmission options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these high horsepower tractors. The AutoPower IV & VI transmissions offer you four or six powershift rations using LeverMode or Pedalmode. The TechStar CVT transmission is a continuously variable transmission that is a true stepless transmission.

With the closed-center, pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulic system, you can get up to 50 gpm while providing flow to multiple functions. Also available on these Challenger tractors is an 39 gpm hydraulic pump, which is best for more demanding applications.

A new CYCLAIR cooling package included on the MT500E series ensures these tractors are able to handle the demand of any environment with increased power under the hood without the loss of turning radius or visibility.

Easy to Use

A new dashboard on the Challenger MT500E series makes navigating your day more natural than before, keeping your eyes on the hard data. Also featured on these high horsepower tractors is the advanced Auto-Guide™ 3000. It is a simple to use autosteering system that helps reduce input costs and operator fatigue. It is managed through the Tractor Management Center system (TMS) display. With the TMS you can work smarter and more efficiently by offering you an extensive arrange of high-value monitoring, control and comparative functions.

Also featured on these Challenger tractors is the Headland Management System (HMS). With the push of the button you can combine and record a sequence of tractor functions that can be replayed later. The MT500E series is compatible with ISOBUS. The ISOBUS communication system eliminates the need for a separate monitor or control box in the cab by providing you with the ability to monitor the performance of both the tractor and trailing implements through one system.


With Challenger’s MT500E series, a long day in the field won’t feel as long. The bigger, more comfortable cab features more headroom, automatic air conditions and a 360° Pinnacle View. A sophisticated suspension on the front axle provides a smoother ride while pitting more power to the ground.