Challenger MT400B Series

With a variety of configurations offered, the Challenger MT400B Series of tractors can fit almost any farming or ranching operation. Choose between 2- or 4-wheel drive, open platform or cab, and open or closed hydraulics. The MT400B series delivers the strength, power and reliability one expects from a Challenger tractor so whether you are working it around the farm, moving materials at a construction site or mowing the median on a state highway, these Challenger tractors will give you more at every turn.

The Challenger MT400B Series of tractors provide more toque, control and serviceability features. Powered by Cat diesel engines, the MT400B Series provides outstanding power and reliability, increased fuel efficiency and decreased noise levels.

The versatile and reliable AutoPower IV transmission combines four ranges and four powershifts. A special T-handle is simply pulsed forward or backward to make sequential shifts through the ranges and powershifts, without clutching.

The Challenger MT400B series of tractors provides an operator with plenty of comfort, control, roominess and visibility, all designed to improve both operator efficiency and productivity.