Challenger 2200 Series Large Square Hay Balers

Backed by 35 years of experience and with their industry-leading design, the Challenger 2200 series of large square hay balers provide you with greater capacity, increased bale density and minimal downtime to maximize your profit. Ideal for dairy, commercial and biomass operations, the 2200 series of large hay balers builds upon the advances of the popular 2100 series, taking technology even further with the ProCut™ Rotary cutter option to deliver more precise cuts with higher capacity and simplified serviceability. These large hay balers are designed to perform at peak performance to help you save money while increasing your productivity.

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Models Bale (ft) Bale Size (in)(HxW) Plunger (Strokes/Minute) Pickup Working Width (in) Cutter Option Class
2250 3 x 3 31.5 x 34.4 47 89 Packer or Pro 4
2270 3 x 4 34.4 x 47.2 47 89 Pro 5
2290 4 x 4 50.2 x 47.2 33 89 None 5
2270XD 3 x 4 34.4 x 47.2 47 89 Pro 6

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The in-line design  of these Challenger large square hay balers ensures that  hay is kept moving  in a straight line - from the wide, low-profile pickup through the baler to the bale chute. These balers feature a transverse-impeller  knotter fan that is hydraulically driven and powered by an on-board hydraulic system to keep the knotters free of debris, reducing downtime and simplifying the service process. Proper timing and reduced downtime are also possible with the reliable, simple and low-maintenance chain drives.

The 2270XD and 2290 models of the Challenger 2200 series come equipped with the Optiform™ bale chamber. This chamber is 16 inches longer than standard chambers which results in improved bale shape and ensure consistency of bales over the course of stacking, transporting and storing.


The on-board hydraulic system on the Challenger 2200 series of large square hay balers allows for easy hook-up and consistent operation while eliminating variables tractor hydraulic systems can pose on baler performance.  The streamlined, one-piece side shields reduce crop buildup by sealing the twine boxes when closed on these large square hay balers. And you don’t have to worry about windrow size with these Challenger hay balers. The Opti-Flow pickup on these balers provides an industry-leading wide, low-profile pickup, ensuring you gather crop from anysized windrow, minimizing crop loss and maximizing efficiency.