Challenger 1000 Series

Needing multiple tractors for different applications can get expensive. With the Challenger 1000 series of high-horsepower tractors, you can do it all with just one. These fixed-framed tractors can do the work of an articulated tractor, provide the power and maneuverability needed for tillage work and are capable of working in intricate row crop applications.

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Just take a look at all the applications the Challenger 1000 series of tractors can do:

  • Planting
  • Tillage
  • Grain Carts
  • Sprayers
  • Seeding
  • Lifters/Harvesters
  • Strip Tillage
  • Wagons
  • Planters
  • Bedders
  • Manure Tanks
Models Engine HP PTO HP
1038 396 350
1042 435 386
1046 476 421
1050 500 453

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Packed with Technology

The Challenger 1000 series of tractors is packed with technology features to offer you superior performance and productivity. This is because the Challenger 1000 series features AccuEngineering™ platform which offers smarter, more intuitive and more efficient engineering from the controls in the cab to the powertrain these tractors are intelligent.

AccuTerminal brings a new level of control, precision and productivity to your operation with an intuitive touchscreen terminal. The AccuTerminal allows you to manage all tractor settings and adjustments. You can also monitor and control ISOBUS implements, camera functions, TaskDoc documentation and guidance. With AccuTerminal you can even precisely manage variable application to avoid overlapping and move data wireless from the AccuTerminal.

A fixed-torque ratio between the front & rear axles is used by conventional four-wheel drive tractors. Not so with the Challenger 1000 series of high horsepower tractors.  The AccuDrive Powertrain features variable four-wheel drive. Challenger’s Torque Vectoring allows for this variable four-wheel drive, distributing torque independently on both axles for amazing pulling power. The torque is controlled by an intelligently controlled four-wheel drive clutch so it can be shifted between axles according to need. This reduces frictional loss and wear. At 15.5 mph, a clutch completely decouples from the front axle drive to eliminate drag losses in the drive train, increasing efficiency.

 Front-wheel drive actively pulls these tractors into a curve, providing you greater maneuverability in tight spots by reducing the turning circle by up to 10 percent. And, the usual wear and tear caused by cornering on firm surfaces on the front tires is reduced, reducing both maintenance time and money.

Accufield Command is a headland management system that allows operators to create and save operating sequences for turns while driving or standing still. You can make up to 25 settings from the Accufield Command system which are saved and can be easily recalled using the AccuTerminal. Settings & functions can be made for engine and transmission control, hydraulic valves, the front & rear linkage, the front & rear PTO and for AutoGuide.

The ACCU-VT transmission was engineered with a hydraulic pump and two hydraulic motors – one for each axle. This ensures ideal torque distribution and maximizes engine power at slow speeds. The rear axle receives torque via hydrostatic power-splitting, continuously from 65 feet per hour to 31 miles per hour. ACCU-VT ensures you always get optimized traction and tremendous pulling power from your Challenger 1000 series tractor.

Packed with Power

Challenger designed the CH1000 series of high horsepower tractors so that the engine and powertrain work together perfectly, maximizing engine power at slower speeds. With a Challenger 1000 series tractor, you can pull heavy implements in tough conditions and still get maximum torque with efficient fuel usage. These Challenger tractors also provide the most optimized traction and floatation as well.

Under the hood you will find a six-cylinder, 12.4-liter displacement, MAN engine. This powerful engine makes it ideal for heavy draft work and is capable of delivering 1,770 ft. lbs. of torque at 1,100 RPM. You can operate continuously at the maximum torque range while maintaining the lowest specific fuel consumption with the Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) turbocharger. By delivering high torque at low engine speeds, the Challenger 1000 series can ensure all vehicle components, from the engine & transmission to the fan & hydraulics

By having the engine, transmission, fan, hydraulics and all implements working efficiently at maximum capacity, Challenger has ensured a longer engine life on the 1000 series of high horsepower tractors because there is less wear and tear on the components.  

Easy to Operate

The Challenger 1000 series may be a highly sophisticated machine, but it’s also easy to operate. This is due to the Tractor Management Center. All functions are either in the terminal or on a multi-function armrest. These functions are color coordinated with the controls that operate them and ergonomically placed within your reach to reduce time and fatigue. You’re in complete control with one hand on the wheel and the other on the joystick.